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  2. I am looking for a Morph/Costume Designer for my Game the Three Kingdoms! Payout is determined on work.
  3. Have anything questions , Please let know ASAP!
  4. What is Genius Code X (GCX)? Genius Code X is a growing community, slow but yet earning members and Developer members. We Genius Code X developers are creating games for ROBLOX Community; as well We're Off-Site Developers. We Develop out of ROBLOX. We have Developers Who know so much knowledge into other kinds of Programming more than What We Developers in Roblox Code such as RBX Lua/Lua. Why Genius Code X (GCX)? Join Because We are fun and We teach people, How to Script and Build Etc. We help with ERRORS, We help those indeed We do Donate to people, So they can buy stuff on ROBLOX or anywhere else. We are kind people, not TOXIC People. So Why not join? Spread the word out to people to join! Helps us so much Grow and see people ONLINE, and to help YOU as well. We kinds of Developers around here. Join us now! Visit our website , Join our Discord Community , Join our ROBLOX Community
  5. MoeDono


    Unread Content Mark site read Home Marketplace Selling Selling Contact Information: Discord: Moe#0319 Roblox: MoeDono (Probably won't find me since robloxs sensors it out) I am selling Low Poly Assets, (BE AWARE, there are few items that are fm that were used for personal tests.(Vehicles and antenna are the only FM'S.) Price: Prices can be negotiated within DM's, I am usually available everyday or best expect a response within 24 hours. Usually around 100 + Place: https://www.roblox.com/games/2423499667/Low-Poly-showcase
  6. looking great, im working on some cafe stuff too but yours is far more complete than mine
  7. looking amazing, not blocky or plain at all, yet has all the details that are necessary and it still looks like roblox! i might try making trains
  8. what i always do is construct the entire model, as if i where making it perfect from the start. then i work backwards from there, removing bits, breaking glass, adding foliage if necessary, and weathering materials this sometimes takes a long time but is nicer in the long run, plus i find natural decay of objects and buildings interesting and fun to do
  9. of course i like aesthetic games so i voted realism
  10. low poly for simulators / games with content, realism for aesthetic / surreal games (my opinions)
  11. i would like to apply as a builder, im able to build pretty much anything you need (i can show some maps i made in the past, as well as some weapons and other things) my discord is Dream Reaper#7907
  12. could you show images? im interested, if i like it i might buy it my disc is Dream Reaper#7907
  13. Yesterday
  14. Please Follow me while your at it on ROBLOX.
  15. Looking for a good scipter to do work for less the 500 robux. Add me on ROBLOX (Username: capitinawesome1) Thanks, cap
  16. I am selling a very well scripted overhead rank displayer. I am selling this for 150 robux. Please dm me for more info. Dm me at: THE_KING0RORY#6153
  17. letraalarm0


    I am looking for 2 shirts to be made 1 for males and another for females. I need them both to have my group's logo on the top right hand corner and on the top of the left sleeve. Please contact me at: THE_KING0RORY#6153
  18. Last week
  19. My group (Liberty Mall) is looking for an experianced scripter. Some of the tasks you'll do: - Datastorage - UI's (The actuall UI's will be provided by us, you just have to make them function) - Gamepasses - A full list of tasks will be provided once hired Contact me on discord Relaix#6969 (Comment when you do with your Discord username)
  20. I was wondering on how how to remove a user who died from his current team? So whenever someone dies, he goes to the neutral team.
  21. Have to be real, I'm with FedTech on this. It's a plain, unfunctional flashlight not worth anywhere near the hundreds. Paying 1k for a flashlight is just... stupid. edit: Just realised I'm a retard and this post is almost a month old.
  22. Hi, I'm a youtuber I want to hire a dev. Make a small game simulator for me to play with fans request : - Build: 1Map Simple, items, - Script: pick box and Drop , craft item. Payment: $ Paypal Let the discord name ,I will dm
  23. Just need only ONE scripter for my project, for more further infomation, contact me on discord. My Discord Username notkyle#3972 *Also i need a scripter who knows how to script food and machines for the cafe! YOU MUST HAVE A ROBLOX ACCOUNT FOR THIS!*
  24. i would like to help with building and gfx (ads and stuff) discord : Dream Reaper#7907
  25. its not a pie? its a cheesecake literally the name it wouldnt be called cheesecake, thats like asking is pudding yogurt 2 completely different dishes cheesecake is closer to cake than a pie if anything
  26. and now i cant figure out how to remove the duplicate post.... rip
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