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  2. I'm looking for a Translator, UI Designer, and Builder.
  3. DIB MUTT SHIT [ Content Deleted ] SUCK MY BIG FAT COCK XD
  4. your a little [ Content Deleted ]
  6. reported for making a piece of garbage
  7. it is just terrible overpriced garbage
  8. Greetings; I am selling a cafe build that I created for my group. I no longer will be running the group, therefore I am selling the build. It was never publicly released. Prices negotiable. Add me on discord if interested. vaunt#2713
  9. Selling the model of a Battleship for 4,000$ Game to view item: https://www.roblox.com/games/4609976941/ship-yay-D Model: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/4610890705/Battleship Contact me on Discord @Puuha Juho#9382 If you want the model but are not willing to pay the price listed on this Post please contact me and maybe we can make up a new price.
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  11. Hello, I am working on kind of a "meme" game, it's a pizzeria. All I really need is someone who knows how do do NPC scripting, like walking to special areas, giving pizza to NPC customers, and purchasing pizza in the "pizza shop." Sadly, I can't really give out any money, but there would be a huge thanks to the scripter on the in-game developer board, as well as owner admin, (Don't abuse.) a special chat color, and a custom name tag. Notify me in the comments if you would like to join. My ROBLOX character's name is Rotten_Pastry.
  12. I might be able to do that
  13. Hello, My name is GetOnMaLxvl and I'm trying to find a pretty good Script Developer for my new game idea. I have planed a little bit, but I need a big help. Dm me on discord: Bonez#5079 Best regards, GetOnMaLxvl
  14. Last week
  15. Selling Hi guys! I want to sell these Hood and Masks. Payment Amount Of Robux: 15,000 Real Money: 25 dollar (we can negotiate) Contact Discord: softwarepsycho#0255
  16. Nowadays all games have the same formula, simulators. However, this isn't the first time the front page all followed a specific trend. We've gone through this regarding Tycoons, Obbies, Base Wars, etc. Let's bring back creativity by writing down some cool game ideas people could pick up later, and transform the front page from mediocre games to games with quality, creativity, and passion.
  17. Selling I am selling these Backpacks and caps. Payment Real Money: 30 dollar, we can also negotiate. Contact Discord: softwarepsycho#0255
  18. I prefer Playstation because you have more options.
  19. I would change up the lighting on the map, it will make a huge difference. Try to also mess with the different textures throughout the map and see what best fits. Personally I would change the cabin's lights colors to a bit dimmer to give a more chill vibe to it.
  20. Visual references are always good. Also just zoom out and take a look, at it from different angles. You need to make sure the material and color are consistent throughout the map.
  21. Softwarepsycho

    Army Caps

    Selling Hello guys!, I am sell these amazing army caps. You can use where you want, Thank you. Payment We can negotiate the price you can pay me whatever you want in roblox or US dollar. DM me for contact. Contact Discord - softwarepsycho#0255 Instagram - roblox_softwarepsycho
  22. How do you get past the small limited items? Well, you have to start somewhere, and I did the normal thing and rushed into it without knowing the fundamentals. However, I would do things differently now. Instead of getting somewhere I would just get constantly ripped off, it's so frustrating and time consuming. I suggest you use my tips to avoid this long path of downfall, and RAP Loss. 1. Use A Trade Calculator - A good trade calculator usually tells you Value, RAP, Demand, Trend, Best Price, Available Copies, Premium Copies (How many people you can trade for it) and how much people it has been hoarded by. I suggest using Rollimon's Trade Calculator. You can also track who owns an item and who it was given to. 2. Start Small - At the time I started trading I had an 11 000 Robux Item, I decided to trade it but now when I look back at my trades it was a big scam, I got 12 000 Robux worth of items back at the time so I was pretty happy, but at that time I didn't use a trade calculator, and 12 000 Robux soon became 10 500 Robux, so I lost 500 Robux and she gained 4000 Robux. Now, if I were to restart, I would restart small. 3. Start With A Small Community - I would suggest not just going out there and starting with people you know or traded with in the past. I had a friend whose Roblox username is "Sellah", and I was still beginning then, and she helped me a lot. She refused to make trades that would rip me off or make my RAP go down, and she mentored me to become the trader I am today. 4. Study an Item before making the trade - This is what I had weaknesses in. I would get impatient and just accept or straight out decline the trade. Instead what you want to do is monitor the Trend and RAP of an item. Once the RAP or Trend gets better, you accept it if your item is stable or went down in RAP. 5. Review Your Trades - A big part that all traders struggle in is reviewing trades, by reviewing your trades you can find out Who you traded with, What Items you traded at the time and the Profit. 6. Find A Better Deal - It's always a good idea to find a better deal on a trade. Research who has an item on a Trade Website or who has it in the Trade game. As you can always get a better deal for an item or a trade. I hope these tips will help you in the future of your trading, as they had for me. Thus, once I get premium again I will continue to trade. I managed to get a few decent items as you can tell from my inventory. Also, not only that but everyone has different styles of trading and different habits. If you have any questions ask them in replies or DM me on Discord. @Sparex#0621
  23. Seems legit good business, unfortunately i am investing in several groups. So i won't do it, i myself am looking for the same thing as you
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