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    jmk ugly its true
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  4. HIRING Wilbur Finance Corporation is hiring many different positions! And yes, we do pay! Of course, the pay is based on your performance and may be deducted for inactivity, immaturity, etc. • Partnering Manager: You will be tasked to find partners. This job is the most paid. • Financial Analyst: You will be tasked to find groups and developers in need of investments, and determine if the developer is trustworthy and should be invested in. • Investor: You may invest any amount of Robux starting from 50 and you will receive more than you invested later on. This is the easies
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  6. I never tried to make flowers but If you want and if the job is still here I can try, But can you give more info?
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  8. Selling Lowpoly car made in Blender. Here it is in Roblox Studio (only selling model, i'll also send you the Blender OBJ's) Add me on discord if you want to buy: anthonyxd#8683 Price: You offer, T-shirt method
  9. Hello, topic reader! As you can see, I am looking for an Advanced Builder to work long-time for me! If you are interested, please contact me through Discord. Discord: Empericaly#9418
  10. Please do not buy this. This game is copied from Core Productions 2.0. Original Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/4562626938/OG-Limitless-RPG
  11. PS4 sounds like a whole ass airplane of course I'm choosing XBOX - (coming from a former PS4 user - then switched to ultimate god PC).
  12. Hello there, I'm CEO of a small group called MCCCS (Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies Squad) and I'm hiring every dev that can do anything! (Example : Building, Scripting) How do I apply? For applying you can sign this application form : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScdEzFHzOpSNmObYlu2-KddcmiUykwQdRgPWAA4Os4zdbp38w/viewform If I'm interested in hiring you, I will contact you via Discord What if I don't get contacted? If you didn't get contacted in 2-3 days this means your application got declined, but you can still form another one! What's the payment? In the application fo
  13. There isn't really a reason other than ease of editing, other admins are harder to edit, add onto and extend to your games needs while Mirror Panel is designed to be simple (and cant be complex because I'm not a great scripter). The only valid reason to use it over others is simplicity. The other benefit over other admin systems is integration with WCS (windward Content Services), An ecosystem containing, A dev forum, Advertising system, Discord Bot and other Roblox/developer features, systems, Moderation/Security/Anti-Exploit system and more. WCS will release around the beginning of 2022 howe
  14. Interesting, but I have 1 questions: This looks like some sort of admin, so: Why should I use this instead of Kohl's Admin, HD Admin, Adonis Admin, Cmdr, or BAE?
  15. I know this was like a year ago but That would never realistically happen
  16. This goes pretty in-depth and was very very easy to find, before you post, please research a bit more
  17. Developer Forum, and Youtube Tutorials (by AlvinBlox, or TheDevKing) is what allowed me to become a bit more than an intermediate scripter. I personally recommend this, but it can be different for some people, some might Developer Hub more than tutorials. EDIT: Sorry for bumping the thread, didn't see the date
  18. Wrong category, next time please use the category named selling.
  19. Hey, I can do more advanced guis if you would like, Im trying to get my rep up so im cheaper than others. Accept Bred#5053 please
  20. So im working on a new admin system called "mirror panel", Im not a great scripter, Its more of a text so im open-sourcing it (free to use without credit - No claiming its yours though) Some features : Plugin system (limited to four plugins), Secured locally (If a user isnt on the admin list the system will delete itself locally), About 25 built in "tools" Tool system instead of commands (simpler to edit) The "console" (Run scripts locally) Planned features : Animated Tweening Improved plugin system (no limits) Update system
  21. I'm currently looking for someone that can make me a Thumbnail and Game icon for my game "The Cat (STORY)" Asking price for the Thumbnail: 100R$ Asking Price for the Game Icon: 110R$ Make sure to show me you're portfolio of game icons and/or thumbnails you've done in the past. Contact information: Discord (gunf0600#9515) Twitter (gunf0600RBLX_)
  22. I need someone who can do Terrain/Maps; Should be good at what they do Paying $25 for terrain and $25-75 to the rest of the stuff for the map (buildings, trees, etc) - depends on quality You should have good experience and examples of past dev work ready when you reach out DM me for questions or if you're interested: Ghosty#1370
  23. About me! Hi there! I am offering my services as a Logo Modeler. I specialize in Theme Park & Company. I have been Modeling for little over 3 months on Roblox. Availability I am available for eight to ten hours of work on the weekends, about 5-6 hours on weekdays. You can contact me any time. Payment I accept projects that pay 500 or more, this can be negotiated depending on what you need done, I accept either hourly pay or per asset, I do not accept % unless it is with payment at that moment. My preferred payment method is Robux. Contact You can contact
  24. i can screen share it on discord this is my work that was stolen saw#8008 it's my build accuse me all you want I know it's mine
  25. Contact Information: Discord: DaNico#8192 Twitter: @real2422 Roblox: nvcooo What I'm Selling: 2 Floor Bakery Game - No Admin Scripts Included Showcase/Model of What I'm Selling: https://www.roblox.com/games/5805298332/Sweet-Treats-Bakery-Cafe Price: Looking for 3000 Robux for this build - Non-Negotiable
  26. Hello i am makeing my first game which is just a simple mini game that will hopefully end up like the basketball game posion. I am haveing some issues with scripting though as I am still learning and would like some assistance for a day or two scripting various thing in my game. Offering 10$ a day should only need two though. No deadline as I should be able to finish the rest of the game myself I've already done the building I just need the little bit of scripting. Discord: wingedmarauder#5471
  27. Hello I’m making a one piece roblox game I am currently hiring magic moves/scripters
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