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  3. Discord: Rabbit Goddess#2618 Roblox: Bunnifi Contact me whenever, will pay
  4. F_0sc

    Notre Dame (W.I.P)

    Hey guys, i am here to show off my new build i am working on, its supposed to look like the Notre Dame. Current time spent on: 3,5 hours. I am looking forward to finishing it :D. If you wanna see all the progress make sure to follow me on here, and if you got any suggestions reply to this post with your suggestion! Kind regards, Fosc.
  5. I'm making a game for the popular webtoon Solo Leveling, it is an interesting RPG type webtoon with many dungeons, classes, subclasses and much more Discord : Rux#7655 Due Date : However long you want Price : 60% OF TOTAL GAME PROFIT
  6. Contact Information Discord - @Jose.#1354 Roblox - Disabled_Vurb What you're Selling: A Modern Military academy. Including basic obey, hard obey and parade ground. A Showcase of What You're Selling: Price: 3k+ (We can work something out)
  7. (I use IbisPaint X, a photoshop for mobile phones) So, it's pretty hard finding the right shade for those shadows, hard to make the white blend in with the skin, and making a good watermark that doesn't block the contents . . . . . . right? But blending modes are life changing. They're what I use to make my graphics so realistic or even dreamy! They also prevent me from getting scammed! Before I start, you need to learn the different properties of a colour: (from left to right) COLOUR: the colour; how else do I explain that? SATURATION: You may mistake this for brightness, as it may look like it comes from dark to light. But if you look closely, it's mostly from a very vivid colour to grey. BRIGHTNESS: How bright a colour is, from black to a light shade of a colour. You may think brightness is a scale of black > vivid colour > white, but no. It goes from black > dirty colour > vivid colour (vivid colour isn't exactly brightness, but that's how it will look if your saturation is put to 100% and you're only adjusting brightness. Saturation is how vivid a colour is. But anyway . . .) OPACITY: How much colour you can see behind that colour. For example, a window has near 0 opacity so you can see through it. Cellophane has maybe around 50 (but cellophane seems to be a blending mode in itself. more on this later) 0 opcaity is invisible. 100 opacity is fully visible, and you can't see anything behind it. If you see the square to the left (in the middle of the rainbow circle), you may see the the bottom left is black, upper left is greyscale, upper right is mostly white / pastel / vivid colour, lower right is black / dirty colour / vivid colour. bottom left = saturation (with 0 brightness) upper left = brightness (with 0 saturation) upper right = saturation (with 100 brightness) lower right = brightness (with 100 saturation) So, that should make your head ache all right! The difference between a hue and a colour Hue: similar to a colour, but with several properties applied. A hue may be pastel, really dark, or not so vivid. Colour: a colour, without the properties applied. So, here's my template for helping you out with blending modes: (this template already has a blending mode on for the upper half, so lol. It's called luminosity, more on that later) I WILL ONLY BE EXPLAINING THE MAIN BLENDING MODES that you will most likely use! Before showing the different blending modes, I will we using red rectangles of varying hues. 1) Red, 100% saturation, 100% brightness 2) Red, 100% saturation, 100% brightness, 50% opactiy 3) Black, ???% saturation, 0% brightness 4) White, 0% saturation, 100% brightness 5) Grey, 0% saturation, 50% brightness Any in-betweens, you can experiment them yourself! now, here are the blending modes: NORMAL Your normal colours . . . (not showing more, you probably get the point) MULTIPLY Multiplies the brightness by the brightness of the canvas to darken the image. Usually used in shadows. Best used when you use the same colour as the canvas. (white does nothing when using the multiply blending mode. 0 x anything = 0 (100% brightness) DARKER COLOUR The darker colour will stay and all the lighter colours will be covered by the dark colour. White won't show, and black will stay the same ADD Adds the brightness to the brightness of the canvas, Usually used in highlights. Best used when you use the same colour as the canvas or the light (like yellow sunlight) (oooh, nice!) (lower opacity helps softening the lgiht) (black has no effect) (white stays the same) (grey is good for lighting without adding any extra colours) LIGHTER COLOUR The lighter colour will stay and all the darker colours will be covered by the light colour. White will stay the same and black won't show OVERLAY Makes it act like a watermark would. It's a combination of multiply and add. Looks great when overlaying galaxies and stars and may give the canvas a nice texture. (this galaxy overlay should've looked better if the canvas was a night sky or a sunset) (Red looks normal on red, so don't use the same colour overlay on top of that colour) (no idea what to say for this) (white is good for watermarks) (grey has very little effect) INVERT Inverts the colour of the canvas regardless of the colour applied. The inverted colour appears as the colour opposite the canvas colour on the colour wheel. Dark becomes light and light becomes dark. DIVIDE Similar effect as Add, but divides the brightness instead if adding. This results in brighter colours. It tends to be more unnatural than Add. (black acts weirdly) (white has no effect) HUE Changes the canvas's hue (not to be confused with colour) regardless of the brightness and saturation. All highlights and shadows on the canvas appear as grayscale overlays, as well as the saturation. Has a different effect from Colour SATURATION Sets the canvas's saturation to the applied colour. Using the same saturation as the canvas has no effect. (0% saturation) COLOUR Changes the canvas's colour (not to be confused with hue) regardless of the brightness and saturation. All highlights and shadows on the canvas appear as grayscale overlays, But unlike Hue, the saturation has no effect. Has a different effect from Hue. LUMINOSITY Sets the canvas's brightness to the applied colour regardless of the saturation and colour. Using the same brightness as the canvas has no effect. Not to be confused with Multiply. Add, Overlay, or Divide, which change the luminosity using an equation. Luminosity is the same as brightness. (I used it in the top half for the template) (100% luminosity) (Pure black stays the same) (Pure white stays the same) (50% luminosity) Using blending modes, you can turn this . . . . . . to this (ooh, much better, right?) The most commonly used blending modes are usually Add and Multiply, which help make a drawing realistic. Experiment with blending modes to create whole new artworks altogether! Also, did you know that Hue gets the best lip colours? Hope it helps! why are these pictures appearing? I never put them there!
  8. GFX Artists may be great at design, but you'll need to provide some information for them to make the perfect one for you: 1. What's the theme? They'll need to know exactly what to capture. Is it a horror theme? A fantasy theme? You wouldn't want an aesthetic logo for a horror group, would you? Also, saying that your 'ad is for my youtube group' doesn't help. Nor does 'my youtube group is about roblox'. You need to specify just what you do, like: 'my youtube group is about playing bloxburg and making some horror builds' 2. What do you want the 'feel' to be? Art can do a lot of things. One of them is getting the right feeling. Do you want your audience to be scared? Intrigued? Curious? Inspired? Interested? A mystery game's slideshow should include something that conceals a certain thing, like a villain. A cafe game should show just how unique it is from others, and how its players will enjoy it. 3. What colours and images do you want? Graphics aren't complete without colours and images! You may have a preference, like the background for your ad and and renders you have made that need to be included. It helps for making the perfect GFX you need. 4. What does the GFX focus on? A cafe group logo may not do so well with the interior of the cafe. A cup of coffee represents it more than tables and chairs! Do you want something to focus on words, like 'join my group!', or a symbol, like a dagger? Or maybe clothes? Also, it's not too persuasive to make a meme as an ad. It can make someone laugh, not click on it! Anything else you'd like to add?
  9. Lightning Five Fc was a club I wanted to get to rofa , but I decided to quit my journey and sell it heres the roblox group to it. https://www.roblox.com/groups/4636033/Lighting-Five-FC#!/about
  10. https://hiddendevelopers.com/index.php?/forum/20-ban-appeals/ here
  11. It's just highlighting and I want to add my roblox account! it's so maddening! Not even a button!
  12. NOTE: The spacing is faulty but looks great! Contact Information Discord - @AestheticRavenclaw#7207 For Sale: A nice little calligraphy font! Price: I'm selling this for 50 Robux.
  13. Ever seen those cringy Roblox advertisements that nobody ever clicks on? Those weird thumbnails that are so trying-hard? Felt like your own artworks aren't good enough? Need a little help? That's what I'm here for! I'm a digital artist who creates realistic / cartoon graphics (like you would see in virtual life games). I have been doing this for a year or two, but you can count on me to make your artworks some of the best that you will never find in Roblox. I specialise in: - Detail, like shadows and highlights - Depth, making my artworks realistic - Minimalist and Aesthetic designs - Gradient backgrounds, like sunsets (not your usual gradients though!) Not yet convinced? Check out https://x22me22x.wixsite.com/aestheticravenclaw for my full portfolio and description. NOTE: My art style is mostly people and some still life and gradient/sunset backgrounds (I can also do digital painting but I can't get the files into the portfolio) Initial price of 30 R$, and 15 R$ per 10 minutes of making the artwork Most artworks take about 1 - 5 hours spaced between 1 - 3 days
  14. I trade a lot and earn robux in HiddenDevs. I haven't got a subscription nor that much robux. What's the best payment method to use for: Earning robux Paying robux Reply to this if you chose 'other'
  15. Last week
  16. You can contact me on: Discord: iiCryptic#9395 Roblox: DaSecretPlayzYT Price: Crystal deposit - 50 Robux Medium Ammo - 30 Robux Small Ammo - 20 Robux (I only accept group funds)
  17. I am offering a well styled cashgrab game for sale. The main idea is Fruit Grab Simulator. The game has moneymaking potential. Everything has been made using low poly techniques. And that's what is making money these times. Besiedes that I am offering: "A WW2 City map with custom: - Models - Scripts - Rare, original GUI with freshly scripted economy scripts - Gamepasses and dev products - A massive Palace" The game is a perfect WW2 RP experience or a map for WW2 group startup. Prices are low as I am quitting roblox to focus on GTA FiveM. Cashgrab game: 5K City: 6K Contact: JohnyC#1939 Link to Fruit Grab simulator: https://www.roblox.com/games/5220512081/fruuitss-collect Link to WW2 City: https://www.roblox.com/games/5297148532/Rome
  18. cmodii

    Need Help!

    Perhaps read this: https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/articles/Leaderboards or search a youtube tutorial its really useful. also what's Luna lol?
  19. Pretty easy, have a local script inside starterplayerscripts and do this: local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer local mouse = player:GetMouse() local textpart = workspace.TextPart -- define ur textpart here while true do wait() if mouse.Target == textpart then -- put here the code that makes text visible end end hope this helped
  20. cmodii

    Anyone Available?

    Kind of easy, not to shitpost or be annoying but I'm glad to do it for free, have a part that constantly checks for magnitude of player, have part transparent that has the billboard inside of it so you can check for the position, so you would do: local part = script.Parent while true do wait() for _, player in pairs(game.Players:GetChildren()) do local billboardgui -- define ur gui here local char = player.Character or player.CharacterAdded:Wait() local torso = char:FindFirstChild("Torso") local distance = (part.Position - torso.Position).magnitude local AgroDistance = 5 -- how close they need to be (5 studs) for gui to appear if distance <= AgroDistance then -- means if the magnitude is 5 studs or less billboardgui.Visible = true -- I believe this is how u do it else billboardgui.Visible = false -- means if they aren't close it won't be visible end end hope this helped
  21. Introduction: Hello, I am iiMxtt_Destinyii and I am looking for an experienced programmer in Lua. The payment will be discussed below. What I need: I’m looking for a programmer who is able to make a cannon that launches players and uses custom animations. How would it work: For the cannon, the player would touch the barrel and then would get into the cannon and wait a few seconds before getting fired out and landing in a position. The position would be determined on the cannon power. When they are in the cannon, there body parts will be positioned in a cannon ball position and when they are launched, they will start rolling and then when they land it will stop and reset the body parts. They would be realistic animations. Also, I’d like everything to be server sided using functions and the scripts located in serverscriptservice. Payment: I’d be paying from group funds and I am willing to pay 5 - 10k Robux. I also have a discord account, if you need to contact me. Due Date: There is no due date but I’d need it done in about 1-7 days. If you need longer that is fine. Just make sure to alert me that it will take longer. Contact: Discord: xMattyPlayz#9143 Roblox: iiMxtt_Destinyii
  22. I need you boiii, will pay in robux https://www.roblox.com/groups/6515766/Scrumptious-Clothing#!/about join and post your price on wall
  23. Hi, im selling a cafe for 1, 000 robux or 10 USD with no free models! All made by me!
  24. Good to hear your feedback along with your concerns. If someone were to steal a Decal (GFX) from another person and claims it as their own with our insurance, it is required that they give us the perpetrators assets that was stolen from them, along with there original assets that they believe have been redistributed, or recopied without there consent. From there, our Accounting Team Agents will look at the dates they were both published and figure out which Decal (GFX) was the one first published on the ROBLOX website. In the future, we will train our Accounting Team Agents to use a reverse image finder that searches the web to pull up all decals (gfx) that was believed to have been stolen to 2nd check if it is as is there own original work. Then, our agents will look at how many people have used or purchased the Decal for (or any other asset being sold for R$) then we multiply the original selling price from the original creator times the amount of people who have bought the fake redistributed shirt and give them the amount of robux maxing out at there Subscription Plan. To break it down lets say below is a decal and was stolen from you, we will multiply the amount of people who have bought the Stolen Assets with the original price point of your original gfx, as we would file the claim under Financial Asset Loss damages, if "Robloxians" were to buy the stolen asset, we will give you the robux that you should of gotten that was unjustifiably taken from you. Your Decal - R$ 100 (2 people bought this item) Stolen Asset - R$ 100 (5 people bought this item) This is the part where we would pay our clients who use our Insurance and file a claim, if we see that the person who stole your assets gets robux off of it leaving with you less money we would in this case do 5 times 100 as in this case, 5 people bought the item and it was product is marked 100 robux, meaning we would give you 500 robux and the price will keep raising depending on the amount of people who buy it. Lets say 100 people have bought your stolen assets for 100 robux each which would mean you would have lost about 10,000 Robux, if you bought our Insurance Premium+ Subscription Plan which pays up to 10,000 robux maxing out at 10k R$ we would give you the 10,000 robux as you have Insurance on that particular asset of yours. Please note upon submitting a claim, we would take note of all sales being sold that is not there's, record it, then email roblox support so they can manually take down the image that is not theirs, we would also supply enough efficient evidence to roblox support to having them have a strike or more against there account while having your identity anonymous as possible. However if the stolen asset had 101 people who bought it, which would be around 10,100 we would only give the person who uses our Insurance 10,000 and nothing beyond that number as again there subscription plan only covers up to 10,000 robux and nothing beyond that. They would need to upgrade there insurance. As we would be dedicated to bring in new audiences on the roblox platform, all "Robloxians" would be able to purchase FREE insurance that would only cover them up to 500 Robux. To see a clear picture of how we would operate, we have a Trello hence here: https://trello.com/b/GnGvmeCh I am building this Roblox Insurance Group on trust, as hence to refer to our Legal Binding Contract Policy that ensures both parties (Our Group) along with (Our Customers) ensures both ends of the bargain. https://trello.com/c/HKo1MlZZ/5-contract-services-agreement-policy (If any else concerns comes up, please feel free to reply back)
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