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  2. Camping Inspired Game Hello! I am Developer_Bloxxer and I'm Creating A Camping Related Game. This game will also be similar to Circus Trip. It will be a horror game that is also detailed and long. The game will be made in "Chapters" and each chapter will be ~10 Min. There will be several chapters. I am a trained developer and entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience and I've been programming since I was 6. The Name Of The Game Is Confidential And Will Not Be Revealed To Even Developers Until The Release. Anyways, I can make the game, but I need assistance on GFX, Scripting, and Building. Scripting [USD $5-$10] I need a scripter to assist me with making the story module. I plan on it being a simple module that can easily be edited. Builder [USD $5-$10] I need the builder to assist me with the main map and the submarine. I expect a simple, low poly design. GFX [R$800] I need high-quality thumbnails and icons that have a realistic, but scary look. Reply In The Following Format To Be Eligible: Roblox Username Discord Job (Scripter, Builder, GFX, etc...) Examples (2-5 Pictures) (Scripters Link Games) I'll check daily the replies and decide. Questions? Reply and ask!
  3. Message Me On Disc @ Best#1340
  4. Ello! I am making a Camping-Related game and need some devs. These services are affordable although I am strict and want quality work. I'm willing to pay 3.5k R$ per chapter completed.
  5. people in america also do not have school because of the virus
  6. Whenever I try to log in to the Roblox Dev Forum, it says "the Dev Forum is not available for you to log in". Why? I wasn't trying to post something or do something that you had to be member for, but I can't become a member because you have to be able to log in! Please help.
  7. yes, pretty sure everyone in europe is, not sure about the rest
  8. Hi! I'm Astically1! I am a builder that has been building for over 3 years. To start off, I want to give back by starting my simple service. Prices below! ONE BUILD - 250 ROBUX TWO BUILDS - 500 ROBUX THREE BUILDS - 750 ROBUX EXTRA 250 EVERY ONE AFTER One of my low poly builds: Message me at bin#0001
  9. Envy_Skill


    Template for SellingContact Information Discord - @Peggle#5917 Roblox - Envy_SkillWhat you're Selling: I am selling a Fully built Map With UI some of it works some dont, ScriptedA Showcase/Model of What You're Selling: Message me on discord for picturesPrice: 15K-20K Robux Group funds
  10. Salutations, I am a cartoony designer. Just wondering if you are in need of that type of style designer. https://trello.com/b/fZAGwnnE/ecoszns-portfolio
  11. Last week
  12. Just joined this website April fools day wed. 2020

  13. What you could do is use LogService to retrieve the text and make a GUI that shows the log for testers.
  14. I am thinking of adding rounded corners to some of my UI (my game doesn't really need awesome UI, but I figured it could be better than standard old Roblox buttons), but one of the that would force me to use hover events for animations instead of autobuttoncolor, so I'm just wondering how It compares in performance?
  15. I don't know if i can build a whole world, but I would need help!
  16. HCH117

    Hiring builder!

    I don't know if I can but I can try do build it! I am willing to help you!!!
  17. Hi, my name is Casper and i'm selling high quality Roblox GFX. Contact: Discord - Kacpero#3502 Roblox - Kacpherek Prices: Thumbnail : 10-15$ || 2-3K R$ Icon : 5-10$ || 1K-2K R$ Advertisement: 10-12$ || 1,5K-2K R$ A few examples:
  18. Looks nice, But add some more lighting effects like the other developers have been saying. Otherwise an overall amazing job!
  19. i am interested dm me on discord xhivxer#0001
  20. Guest

    Signature Hiring

    Contact Information Discord - @Abtrax#6108 Task: Looking for a skilled artist to make me a signature(must show previous work) Payment: 50-100 robux (t-shirt) Due Date: 1 of 2 days after
  21. Hello, I am currently looking for a advanced scripter that can create things like this game I am willing to pay around 10k robux payment will be done in t shirts. discord: xhivxer#0001
  22. oh and my discord is xhivxer#0001
  23. Hello, I am currently looking for a advanced scripter that can create things like this game I am willing to pay around 10k robux payment will be done in t shirts.
  24. Hello, I can't pay but I like them, I tried DMing you on discord f=but it wouldn't let me friend you, it said there was an error with your name
  25. Hello, i'm needing a builder for a prison game ( more details on that if you dm me ) You need to be able to make a prison map/maps, and weapons. As payment you will receive 25% of the games revenue, we can negotiate this to make it higher if you'd like. I know i haven't said much, but there isn't much too it, just need a builder and am willing to do 25% of the revenue or higher so if you are interested, reply with your Discord or add me Here is what the game looks like right now (March 31st 2020 ) Austin#7998
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