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  2. I am selling pizza eating simulator for 4k with all working scripts, we have bag, selling, new pizza and stuff works. DM me on discord if interested (ReviceGalaxy#4536) I will show you some pictures and this game haven’t been released, nobody have this, only my self, I’ve been working on this for a few months, but somebody will also have to build maps and stuff, selling works.
  3. Acer29


    Contacts: Roblox: acercecec Discord: Dxaniiel#0531 I am hiring builders and scripters to work with me on a rp game. I would like it to be like life in paradise. You will get paid half of what the game makes through group funds. You will also get experience. If you are interested message me on discord and only discord.
  4. Hi im looking for projects that I am able to work for. I have around 2 years of experience and I have worked for the front page game Your Bizarre Adventures. dm me if you're interested here are some of my work: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1AAO0Fg9gwdBn9iWcke-fSmmTsaBytqUf payment: I take group funds or game percentage if the game is close to release discord: kevin123#0685 roblox: DreamHac
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  6. I have more members tho so if u want u can get it
  7. Oof I just figured ur made more ranks then me
  8. U can have my group if I can get urs
  9. Acer29


    Take a pic of them and send them to me to proof it because they are made by me thx
  10. So ever since I first started scripting, I had always been trying to create something like an in-game replay system. The thing that always conflicted me was the fact that the roblox engine simply couldn't handle so many instances through ViewportFrame. Roblox did actually showcase VideoportFrame recently though, a feature that's soon gonna be added publicly within the coming year or so. I'm not sure what exactly we'd be able to do with these frames, I'm wondering if it'll have live streaming capabilities, or simply just be one of those "upload a video to roblox" type things, or linked to YouTube or whatever. What I really want to know is if it will be able to actually capture in-game frames and relay them via function. Of course, if I wanted to take the easy way out I could just use ViewportFrame and make a 10-15 second delay on the frames being replayed and delete the cache right after, but that's not exactly what I've been trying to make. Essentially what I'm going for is FIFA's Replay System since I've always been scripting for RO-Football leagues. I know I'm definitely gonna have fun messing around with VideoportFrame scripts when it's released.
  11. Acer29


    Contact Information Discord - Dxaniiel#0531 Roblox - acercecec What you're Selling: Selling a realistic road for a low price. A Showcase/Model of What You're Selling: https://www.roblox.com/games/5705874346/For-sale-add-me-if-u-want-to-buy?refPageId=47c5e831-20db-4050-b6cc-ff77d21ad72c Price: I'm selling this for 50 Robux (Please only contact me on discord)
  12. Frexhs

    Logo Maker

    Looking for a cheap logo maker? I'm a beginner/intermediate designer. I make logos for cafe groups, bakeries and etc just not military. I ONLY ACCEPT GROUP FUNDS & GIFTCARDS! DM me k;0568 Join this server if you wanna order something from me. My prices:
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  14. dexter_dev


    contact: discord: dexter_dev Roblox: Mariafernanda6445 this small key can be downloaded on the tinkercad platform The link is: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/9WWPULqvjfZ-smashing-elzing
  15. Yeah, I've been told that they're completely remaking the site, because currently Zach owns it.
  16. Interested. My discord is TanostheFalseGown#3933
  17. Discord - Mitch Pileggi#6969 When you message me/communicate on discord, make sure you remember to stay professional and on task. Task: I'm looking for scripters who can bug fix, improve performance, and quickly implement new features. Global music player, expanded combat, and mini-games are tasks we need completed now, and there's more work in the near future as well. If you have prior experience working on club games, that's a plus. Payment: >500R, >10USD Due Date: ASAP
  18. thanks everyone for the responses, Ill be more patient.
  19. Greetings im selling a low poly semi realistic cafe thats a very good creation that i did dm me if your looking for a good and cheap cafe : 10-50$ paypal or robux 1000-5000 there is an interior with no furnitures and u can do without interior or with choose .
  21. Hi I have sent you a request on discord - |Danthatclothingdesigner Just so you know it isn’t some random person. I can send you a link to some of my work if you accept it. I am, as the name implies, a clothing designer. Thanks, Dan
  22. Looking for anyone that can script,GFX design and design clothes and or build. Must work well with others as you'll be working with a team (Including Myself) Contact Info: Discord- 420marijuanaman#0667 Twitter- @WorldsRBX Instagram- 420marijuanaman Price will depend on how good your work is. I am easy to negotiate with.
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