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    Hey, I’m BA8Z, I’ve experimented and have quite an experienced outlook and perspective on almost anything that would be request by any individual for the ui they would require in their game. I’ve been using Photoshop for 3 years and I also specialise in scaling/importing (setting up) UI ready to go for developers so their games can be scripted and completed without delay. My services take up to 48 hours to be completed. Pay is negotiable and I’ve set a limit/max at 10k(can be less depending on work required) and this is so that all developers can have their desired UI in game DISCORD: BA8Z
  4. I'm a 3d modeler who has experience using blender. If you want to hire me, contact me at attac heart#3970 on Discord.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Morning/ Evening/ Afternoon guys, Little over a year ago I started on a little simulator with great plans and new ideas and now have lost interest. I am willing to sell it for 5k Robux as it is now untouched and wasted. Link: https://www.roblox.com/games/3403906368/IQ-SIMULATOR-ALPHA Note: need help changing things in the code to fit your group or game (for example devproducts or game passes) then feel free to ask for help..
  7. I'm a modeler and animator who uses Blender. I have experience making 3d models, but I have limited experience working for other people. If you need me to do a job, message me at attac heart#3970 on discord.
  8. I am making a Roblox Marvel game and I am in Desperate need of a scripter, you can DM me on Discord @Walt#4668. You will not be payed because this is a fan made game, and I want it to feel like oyur having fun, instead of just doing it for money.
  9. I am thinking about making a new game on roblox called Legends Arena, its a pvp game where you play as characters from animes. Each character will have 4 n]ormal attacks and one animated ultimate attack.
  10. Last week
  11. Hello, I am not gonna lie: for such a job... it's way too expensive! Consider lowering the prices since it's not worth it. Have a great day!
  12. BonsaiTree


    Hello, I am glad you feel ready for this job, hope you'll be successful I just wanted to tell you to consider the idea to make a Discord account so you could chat with anyone here, and make it easier for customers to contact you! Have a great day!
  13. Already Added ya I’m NoobLordBrudda, I’m an experienced modeler and am lookin for a long term job.
  14. You read the title, discord: NoobLordBrudda#3118 PM/Friend me
  15. I’m semi experienced but can get the job done as long as there’s no pressure, not lookin to cash out on big robux I just wanna model. Discord: NoobLordBrudda#3118 PM me if you in the hidden devs discord Friend me instead if you are not in the discord
  16. Oi Josuke! I’m a 3D modeler that is looking for a long term job! I can make a single stand in 1-2 days and a spec on 1 day! My discord is NoobLordBrudda#3118, I have sent you a friend req.
  17. i can only work on friday staurday and sunday, hit me up my discord is NoobLordBrudda#3118
  18. hey im a modeler! heres an example of my the world helmet (added you im nooblordbrudda) https://gyazo.com/745123f8c412f21dca7f3e4e7e3c9d95
  19. I am starting a Roblox TV show called 'Mleeph TV'. I will upload episodes on my YouTube channel once I have an editor. I will also do live content (Mleeph TV LIVE!) on my twitch and roblox game. 

    Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/5565257795/Mleeph-TV-LIVE

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChQS06x5vnGKx6Mi3G84_lg



    1. FRANY6710


      I can be your editor

  20. Brycee425


    I think Im finally ready! I have been working alot to be a grapic person I know I can sucseed in that job bc I have been training and training every day so please let me get this job This job might be my life now and I promise if u give me grapic job I wont let you down when I do it I promise! Also that email is not mine it my moms but im old enough to do it this is my email [email protected]
  21. Hello to all reading this I hope it is any staff. I suppose you guys should make a prompt for middlemen in deals with 25 dollars or over because of how often scams can happen without safety of middlemen. You should make a middlemen staff who should consist of already trusted staff with over 5-6 months of experience. When you make a post in HD the bot should ask you in one of the prompts(if your post is above 25 dollars irl or robux) if you want a middleman. I understand how in some cases people just think middlemen make things much more complicated so this should simply be an opti
  22. I need a low poly build, you will need to make small Russian town with 25 buildings . something like this https://youtu.be/vVpUXie3Vi8?t=1768
  23. My username is kyrumV2(Roblox) I got banned because the mod said I was underaged and then just banned me. Can I get unbanned because I am not 12 years old. My discord is eagruoysihtdaeruoyfi#8427
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