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  2. That must be KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!
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  4. Having trouble messaging me on Discord? Add me as a friend and then try DMing me again.
  5. Hey! I am currently looking for a modeller, that can sculpt and texture low-poly/polygon styled landscaping assets. I need 2 palm trees and 1 type of ground-cover/foliage/ground plants. If you are looking for referances: I will pay 500 ROBUX. [ Negotiable ] Contact info : Simpxly#1525
  6. Last week
  7. GodzBroken

    Modeler for hire

    I need you. I've added you. Ghosty#1370 is me.
  8. I have started working on it working on the shop models

  9. I need some scripters and I can build but need an extra builder tho
  10. I am in need of a scripter for a boxing game. Pay will be 50/50 split with all profits, DM on discord for more info. pain#1477
  11. S_ntinel


    A system like this is no issue to create, please contact me on discord if you're still interested and in need of a scripter. Josh_#0148
  12. Guest

    Star Wars Clone Wars

    Task:I need a Scripter to create a Droid AI System (Fire up and down hill) (Be Spawned With a Tool) (March In Formation (Optional) (Be Controlled Way Point System) EX-Payment:Name a Price.Due date: (DD/MM/YY)16/11/19
  13. wiseessays.com This service is famous for its essays among students. They promote good relationships with students and they have cheap prices.
  14. Jexpler

    Help with starting up

    I asked a similar question on the devforum and I got some really good advice. https://devforum.roblox.com/t/help-with-advancing-my-scripting-experience/382216/8
  15. This is my jam! I quite enjoy sci-fi/futuristic/whatever hallway segments. I always struggle figuring out what to make it look like so I usually use a reference picture. But this is just really good looking. It's not too overboard. It's got depth, the color palette compliments itself, and overall it just looks incredible.
  16. Wow. You're a really great builder. The jail has a nice level of detail, and the architecture is really appealing. Also your English is really great.
  17. To get the best lighting you'll need to go beyond the basic properties the lighting service has. Make a place where you just mess around with the different effects like the ones kinglalu said.
  18. I personally prefer low poly builds. I see some old games that use textures and models that are imported directly from something not made for roblox and it just doesn't seem to fit in. However it depends on how realistic you're talking. The gun's in phantom forces. That level of realism is nice.
  19. Contact Information Discord - DiscombobulatedJack#3662 Contact me on Discord for further information, thank you! Twitter: - @DiscombobJack Roblox: - DiscombobulatedJack Task: Hey! I'm in search for a Clothing Designer in which is capable of creating a Barista Uniform in which is up to a good / realistic standard. Payment: 420-569 via Group Funds Robux only, thanks! Due Date: As soon as possible, we'd rather you take your time to be sure it's up to your quality.
  20. kinglalu


    I am intrested, contact me on discord, kinglalu#2780
  21. rjj259


    I need someone to make me a cuff/arrest system. Will pay.
  22. rjj259

    Rank Center

    I need a dev and scripter to build me a rank center where you can buy ranks and get auto ranked, will be paying.
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