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    Hire me as a cafe/roleplay/hotel and other dev! PAYMENT? 100-6000 DM me!
  4. I am a developer that mainly creates web based applications for ROBLOX games or groups. If you are looking for someone who can make things like bots, group rank management systems, databases, etcetera, contact me! Payment can be discussed. My discord tag is Loravius#6528
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  6. Wow, Wonderlake what happen to you 🤭

  7. Needing people to build Novigrad in a Witcher genre.
  8. I'm currently hiring a scripter for a small group called Madame Cafe. The group has about 380 members. Since this is such a small group, payment can't excede more than 2k robux. If in the future we grow our group enough, we will pay you considerably more. Think about it as an investment. To be hired, you must have: Good social skill. Decent scripting/animating ability. Some past experience. 13+ years of age. A discord account. Good grammar. See you there! Group link: https://www.roblox.com/groups/8079840/Madame-Cafe#!/about you
  9. If you did want to delete all your messages, you could go to the Discord search bar and enter the requirements "From: [Your Discord Name]". That would then show all the messages you have sent and you can go through and delete them.
  10. Custom Built Cafe Contact Information Discord - mars.#1271 Roblox - ImDarkxy22 What you're Selling: Non Scripted Cafe / Has Everything Needed / Needs Config A Showcase/Model of What You're Selling: https://imgur.com/a/MD5KhLP Price: 400-500 / Not dropping past 400. I can go first.
  11. The main chat in our server gets deleted every month (as of now), meaning that we will have a new chat for the month of March soon. For now, the only way for you to remove your own messages is by deleting them yourself.
  12. Contact Information Discord - @ghost#8006 Roblox - ghostdeadman What you're Selling: Greetings. By now you already know me as ghost. Here I am today selling an outstanding game. If you are a space everything, NASA, and SpaceX enthusiast then I believe this is for you. I am here selling a Kennedy Space Center Mock-up of the SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-2. The SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-2 mission was the first launch in about a decade to send 2 individuals up into orbit and then eventually splash back down here on Earth. Me and a couple of highly skilled developers heard this was happening pri
  13. Hello, Everyone I Will Make You A Horror Game Tell Me What To Build And Ill Do It I'm Not Good a Little
  14. Template for Selling Discord - @mattheww0520#2360 Roblox - PotatoFortniteLOL What you're Selling: I am selling whatever you guys want me to make. I will make high quality textures with low poly models for your models. A Showcase/Model of What You're Selling: https://www.roblox.com/games/6468085949/Showcase-of-models Here are some of my models that I have created Price: Depending on the complexity of the model, I will charge 500 robux to 3000 robux. The payment has to be done through group funds.
  15. Nice build but it seems like you are making a realistic room? Maybe more details
  16. Hi, We're hiring developers and builders for exciting new Roblox projects with top brands. Positions are full time and are at a competitive salary. If you are only available part-time please still apply, but let us know in your application Click below to join our Bloxstars team! Roblox Builder Roblox Developer Cheers, Andy (PS: Bloxstars is a team assembled by our parent company, Dubit. So don't be confused if you see Dubit on the application form!)
  17. @gerald bruh delete this thing
  18. Earlier
  19. I am on your side, this looks stolen.
  20. Amenities!! My name is Taina, AKA eqviia on Roblox. I'm a member of the Roblox communtiy that has a particular passion for clothing design. Portfolio - https://devforum.roblox.com/t/open-clothing-designer/788765/11 ^ This portfolio will include everything you need to know ordering from me. By ordering from me, you are agreeing to my TOS. For the people who may have issues visiting the link, or don;t want to have to go through the troubles of clicking the link, I will explain a quick summary of some of the things on there. I still highly suggest clicking the link so that
  21. Here are some tips that worked for me: 1. Changing CollisionFidelity to box on objects will make part collision like a regular part, and uses less memory. 2. Unioning doesn't help, just a word of advice, it actually uses more memory than regular parts. 3. MeshParts are more performant than CSGed parts (to my knowledge) but obviously, texture qualities and the triangle count can affect your lag issues. I'd love to hear what solutions you've tried! Redoing the models is another good way to reduce lag, but I didn't mention it because your already doing it. The ones above are jus
  22. Hey! I'm an graphic artist, my discord is XxMiseryy#6584 if you wanna see my work? My prices are flexible and I can do almost any art style
  23. Contact: Llama-Berry#1201 Hello, i am selling a bunch of models i made for fun a while back, im selling it as a whole, but u can always ask if u need just one or two things from it and i can sell just them to u. link: https://www.roblox.com/games/1549011006/model-create-place Price for the entire thing is 800 Robux, or 3$ if u would rather do it in USD. If ur buying anything specific the price is negotiable.
  24. hi im looking for a developer/scripters for my group im making a game they will be paid 300 rbxcontact me at my group cdb production games or freind me message me or any other way
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