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Hidden Developers Guidelines

Hidden Developers Guidelines

By using our Server you automatically agree to the following rules:


You are responsible for your own account. If your account has broken any rules you will be warned accordingly to the rule break. If your brother/sister/dog/pet rock did it we're afraid this is still going to be punished.


1. All users are expected to respect one another while using our server.

2. Spamming is forbidden.

  • Text spam - 3 or more messages sent in a short period of time with no real content or value.
  • Image/file spam - 3 or more files posted in a short period of time.
  • Mention spam - @ing more than 3-5 roles in a server without a relevant reason.
  • Direct Message - Spamming invite links to 8 or more users from Hidden Developers your invite links is not permitted.

3. Do not post suspicious/inappropriate links or files

  • Unnamed files without reason for being posted
  • Masked links
  • Pornography
  • Disturbing content
  • Racism

4. Swearing or inappropriate conversations are to be kept outside of Hidden Developers.

  • Sex
  • Drugs/Alcohol
  • Dating
  • Swearing
  • Controversial
  • Racism

5. Discord Invite Links (unless it is discord.gg/hd) are to be kept in direct messages.

6. Memes are to be posted in #verified_chat only. Memes posted in #mainchat are not allowed.

7. Provoking or harassing a user will not be tolerated.

  • Any actions which make a user feel negative about them, their friends or their family.
  • Being negative directly to them in direct messages (directly at them, not saying their work is bad).
  • Bullying
  • Encouraging suicide

8. Impersonation

  • Another ROBLOX account/user or username that you do not own.
  • Another person's identity (this includes using a fake real name).
  • Role in a company or group that you are not.
  • Claiming ownership of work that is not yours.

9. Scamming

  • Taking work without completing your deal
  • Not completing your side of the original deal
  • Leaving a deal after a payment has been completed without reason

10. Use each channel specifically as they were intended to be used.

  • rules - reading the server rules.
  • announcements - reading staff announcements.
  • mainchat - real life/roblox conversations.
  • unverified - non-verified users talk here or verify their account to gain access to other channels.
  • verified_chat - memes/bot commands
  • hiring_chat - Hiring users. Do not talk randomly here.
  • selling_chat - Selling work. Do not talk randomly here.
  • development - Used for discussion about development.
  • creations - to show off your work/creations to other users.
  • timetable - staff must notify the employer if they're not able to be on for more than 24 hours with a reason why.
  • warnings - any user who is warned must have their username | warning number | reason for warning displayed in this channel.
  • song_request - music bot spam/usage.

11. Self-bots are not allowed

12. Staff are not responsible for setting user disputes from outside of the server. Keep this in other servers/direct messages with the user.

Voice Chatting

1. Keep microphone spam at a minimum on any channel.

  • Use push-to-talk setting if you have an excessive amount of background noise or you will be server muted.

2. Same rules posted above for chatting apply to voice channels.

3. Abusing the Music Bot is not tolerated. Playing songs including:

  • Excessive swearing
  • Racism
  • Ear rape (excessively loud songs)

4. Skipping someone's song

  • Only skip a song if 5 or more users dislike the song being played.
  • If current members of our music zone dislike a song you may skip it.

5. Requesting more than 3 songs in a row is not allowed.

6. Voice Changers are not allowed

7. Swearing is allowed, however, racist comments are not allowed.

External Actions

1. Keep your Discord Avatar (PFP) appropriate if you're using our Server.

  • Discrimination
  • Inappropriate content

2. When speaking to users outside Hidden Developers these rules do not apply unless it is in a situation related to Hidden Developers:

  • A deal is being discussed which was set up from Hidden Developers (e.g. Hiring or selling something)
  • Excessively rude to a member of Hidden Developers
  • Harassing a member of Hidden Developers externally (e.g. direct message).


1. Using letters or symbols to cover up something that breaks our rules is not tolerated.

2. Using emojis inappropriately.

3. Using reactions to bypass our rules.

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