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    Starfruit it’s sweet and I like the shape I find it fascinating.
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    Hey guy this will just be to give you all tips when working on what you do best! These were some of the life hacks in which I use when creating my content I hope you find these useful as I do. If you have any questions about one of them please do contact more or any suggestions of things that should be on here let me know!
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    Group Payouts are used to pay developers for their work. If they banned users for paying out large sums then no developer would want to be on the platform.
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    You should Post in the Hiring Channel: https://hiddendevelopers.com/index.php?/forum/45-hiring/
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    I need scripters for a Jojo's Bizarre adventure project. Skill sets needed are: -Ability to animate -Script punches and stands -Ability to Make and script UI If you are qualified and interested or know someone who is, please DM me.
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    I'm definitely going to have to say Vinland saga and Dr. Stone, both amazing shows.
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    the only requirement is you need to have experience building dm me if you are interested - ava#9146 I AM PAYING
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    (New Website) Priority applications, colored name (Discord) Priority marketplace posts
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    1 on 1 with administrators or Headless.
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    Reply with any ideas here!
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    AlvinBlox is a great way to learn lol.
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    I personally see no issue with it. Just type longer lines.
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    So today my friend's Discord profile picture was default and it needed some life to it, so I gave him a helping hand, he was so grateful! Thoughts?
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    Which is your favourite?
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    About me Hello there! I am I_lovejava and I specialize in building modern Airports, modern and realistic office buildings, hotels/resorts, and I also have some experience in scripting and ui design. I have been developing for Ro-Aviation for the past 2 years, and would like to sell one of my Airports. I am also a former Head of Developers of Flyjapan, Former Developer of United Expeditions, and the CEO of FlyGreen Airlines. Information I am selling my most recent project, Raijin International Airport, which includes (All Original Hand-made) Check In, 2 Terminals, Lounge w/ Dining, Staff Room, Immigrations, 7 aprons and 1 gate, and shops. This airport was all hand made, and include a couple of free models, including the jetway. Why am I selling this airport? This airport was originally made for another airline (Flyjapan), but that Airline went bankrupt before they could pay me for the airport. Pictures: https://gyazo.com/2e41743db6d02089bcfc55f270289891 https://gyazo.com/d17f59a7d7557c9f7faae2248a2b2609 https://gyazo.com/c75c8dd68f646fe1a5b86cde47128a8a https://gyazo.com/cfa86bb389af62ecff7757ba62d8c226 https://gyazo.com/c562209223e939a8c35dcf91db00e024 https://gyazo.com/090c8e74b4f1090a46764a6635bfcf32 https://gyazo.com/d0b4012849f5d38e45b5c40f6efb5993 Price I’m selling this airport for 6USD (Via Paypal), or 500 Robux (Through T-shirt or Group funds for 30% off) although prices are negotiable. My preferred payment method is Robux. Notes: This airport is being sold for such a low price due to a shortage of purchasers for this airport when it was priced relatively higher. Contact You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, via Twitter at: [https://twitter.com/LovejavaI ] or via Discord at I_lovejava#3218. Discord is preferred. Thank you! You will also get free First Class at my airline (Flygreen Airlines) if you buy it. https://www.roblox.com/groups/5171980/FlyGreen-Airlines#!/about Best regards, I_lovejava
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    I'm gonna go with something simple.. oranges.
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    Nintendo is the GOAT at the end of the day
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    PS4, all I hear while playing XBOX is kids raging and screaming.
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    I prefer XBOX consoles.. Finely tuned to coercively operate with Windows 10. :)
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    Usually, the best way to develop skills...is to just to do it. What do I mean? Well the Dev Forum might not help you now, but when your thinking of something you want to develop; And have an idea on what that is, whether it's vague or not. You just try your best and do it, and when you can't figure something out, then you go to the dev forum. If that doesn't help then, here are a couple thing's that helped me : 1. Trial and Error -- Do it until you get it right 2. Dev Forum -- Have Some useful articles on basics 3. Repetition -- Constantly Scripting/Coding. Any Coding language , is like any other language, if you don't practice it or use it daily. You will forget it. 4. Planning -- Have an Idea on WHAT you are doing 5. BE PATIENT --If you can't be patient about the time it takes. To develop skills in programming...you wont get far. if none of that helped, then here are some links : https://www.youtube.com/user/PeasFactory -- Really Helped me get the basics down https://developer.roblox.com/en-us -- This will help you a lot! It's one of the best tools for getting started as a Dev. It has easy to understand articles, and everything you need to know about RS! Hope This Helped.
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    no defying that xbox is our saviour
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    Mad City is much better then jailbreak lol
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    Hey, that cafe was not built by you. I can see things me and my friends made in that cafe in late 2016.
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    Please read the thread provided below as it has the information + rules you will need to know before posting in our marketplace.
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    Hidden Developers Discord + Website Rules Please note: You are responsible for your own account. If your account has broken any rules you will be warned accordingly. If you use the excuse that someone else was using your account - you will still receive the best fitting punishment to the repercussions that were broken. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Hidden Developers Guidelines By using our server and our website you automatically agree to the following rules: Discord Rules SECTION 1 - CHATTING 1.1 - All users are expected to respect each other while on our server. 1.2 - Please speak in English while in our server. 1.3 - SPAMMING Image/file spam - Three or more images sent in a short period of time. Mention spam - Pinging more than 3 times without a relevant reason. Text spam - Three or more messages sent in a short period of time with no real content or value. Includes repeating the same word or sentence multiple times. Text spam exception: Paragraphs 5 lines or less are permitted when relevant to the conversation. If your message is longer, please split the message and send it in intervals to prevent flooding the chat or directly message the user. 1.4 - SUSPICIOUS/INAPPROPRIATE FILES + LINKS Suspicious/inappropriate files or links can be identified as: Unnamed files without reason to be posted Masked links (key-loggers, IP loggers, etc) Pornography, Disturbing or upsetting content (gore, violence, abuse) 1.5 - INAPPROPRIATE CONVERSATIONS Sex Drugs/Alcohol Medical or educational discussion about drugs are allowed. Promotion of drug use or distribution of drugs is not allowed. Swearing - Swearing is permitted if not used excessively or in a derogatory way. Words or phrases deemed too inappropriate will still be moderated Do not direct a swear at any individuals in a disrespectful manner Remain mature when swearing, don't have a swear word every two words. Controversial or sensitive topics (religion, political, etc) Racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, harassment Discussing rules, bans, warnings or any moderation action. Message the current Head of Moderation or if no response after a long period of time, contact an Administrator 1.6 - PROVOKING, TARGETING, HARASSMENT Bullying: negatively targeting the user in direct messages, constantly pinging them with negative remarks, etc Racism, sexism, trans-phobia, homophobia, harassment or threatening another user Provoking phobias with intent to upset or bother another user, if asked to not post something such as an image of a spider please respect their request. Provoking, baiting, stimulating intense situations, or deliberately making users respond in a hostile manner is not tolerated. (including, but not limited to, arguing, exploiting rules and loopholes, and intentionally inciting moderators to take action. Encouraging suicide Do not deliberately post an image/video etc to trigger someones phobia if they make it known. PLEASE NOTE: Giving criticism is not considered any of these. However, if you're strictly targeting someone and continuously saying their work is bad without any suggested improvements is considered harassment. 1.7 - IMPERSONATION Claiming to have another ROBLOX account/user which you do not own Claiming to be a role in a company or group to get a role in HD Claiming ownership of work that is not yours 1.8 - ADVERTISING You may only advertise in the designated channels we provide for you; advertisements can be made using the command ,ad in #cmds-n-other. Advertising in Direct Messages is prohibited, will be punished if reported. Posting random links (e.g. Twitter, Discord invite URL) in chat without prior context or reasoning is prohibited All advertisement posts will be subject to review before being posted. Advertisements must adhere to discords Terms of Service, discords Community Guidelines and Hidden Developers rules. 1.9 - MODERATORS + Other In any given situation the presiding moderator(s) have the final judgement. Contact the Head of Moderation or an administrator ONLY for your moderation to be reviewed. Do not minimod. We have mods for a reason. DM a mod or use our ticket system to report an issue to a mod Ear rape is not allowed under any circumstances. Not through a meme, video, voice chat, nada. Keep it out. SECTION 2 - MARKETPLACE + DEALS 2.1 - SCAMMING Taking other users work without completing your deal Not completing your side of the original deal Taking pay and blocking user without completing your side of the deal Changing an agreed deal without the consent of the other user If consent is given by the other user then the deal can be changed. However, if you have already agreed upon the original deal and you chose to go back on your deal without their consent or informing them - this is considered scamming and should be reported through our ticket system. To create a ticket, state ,ticket in #cmds-n-other, and choose the category 'scam report'. SECTION 3 - VOICE CHATTING 3.1 - Do not microphone spam in any voice channel Please use the push-to-talk setting shown above if you have an excessive amount of background noise The same rules posted above apply to voice channels as well Voice changers are allowed as long as they're not used to be obnoxiously loud/annoying Light swearing is allowed, however, racist, transphobic, sexist, or homophobic comments are not allowed SECTION 4 - MUSIC VOICE CHANNEL While using the music bot, doing the following is not permitted: Excessive swearing(ex. using a swear word in every sentence) Racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia Ear rape (excessively loud sounds) Requesting more than 3 songs in a row Abusing the music bot 4.1 - SKIPPING A SONG Please refrain from skipping a song unless a majority of the voice channel dislike the song being played. SECTION 5 - MISCELLANEOUS 5.1 - COMMUNITY GIVEAWAYS Community giveaways are completely optional and not required to do. If you wish to opt out, please toggle off the giveaway role to stop receiving further pings. You are not required to host or participate in one. Community ran giveaways will be hosted by an administrator. Submitting fake codes will result in an immediate ban. Submitting used codes will result in an immediate ban. Submitting illegal/pirated copies will result in an immediate ban. Failing to give the reward to the winner(s) will result in an immediate ban. Donors must have the reward pre-ready All giveaways will be subjected to proof of purchase/proof of having it on-hand. It is your responsibility to ensure wherever you get the digital code that it is a trusted seller. Failing to comply with these guidelines will result in an immediate barring from hosting community giveaways. An administrator may bar any user from hosting a community giveaway for any reason. The prize/code will be handed to the administrator hosting the giveaway It is the responsibility of the administrator to hand over the prize to the winner(s) Hidden Developers is not responsible for any fake/bad codes or if the user is unable to supply the reward. Affected victim(s) will not be compensated. All submissions will be reviewed by an administrator. The reviewing administrator may decline hosting the giveaway for any reason. Giveaways have a required minimum denomination for the winner(s). Anything involving real money must have a $10 denomination. Sale prices does not affect this; base price must be 10 dollars or more. The prize must be digital. If the prize is a digital code to an application/game it must be a legal copy of it (e.g not a cracked version) The prize must follow the original sellers Terms of Service regarding giveaways. e.g ROBLOX gift cards must follow Roblox's Terms of Service regarding giveaways. For the safety of our users, we have set maximum denominations: The maximum denomination for real money is $200 dollars. All will be subject to proof and will be required to have on hand. Anything not listed will be decided by the reviewing administrator. Anything not listed will be decided by the reviewing administrator. The donor is in complete control of how the giveaway will be hosted. The time limit is a minimum 6 hours and up to 24 hours. Minimum amount of winner(s) is 1 and the maximum of 15 (limitations of the giveaway bot). Scale prize accordingly with the amount of winners. Each winner must receive an equal divided amount of the reward. e.g Don't give away 1,000 robux and have 3 winners. The donor may choose to have a custom message to go along with the giveaway. Custom message is subject to review and may be changed with or without notice. Community members who donate to giveaways will be rewarded in some capacity decided by the administrative team. Donors may opt to do the giveaway anonymously. Donors may still receive the reward decided by the administrative team if they choose. Community giveaways will be hosted server wide* for every community member. Donors may request to host giveaways to a *particular group e.g contributors. These particular groups must be a role/group type, not select people. An administrator may block a request for the giveaway to be hosted towards a particular role/group for any reason. You must be at minimum bronze 1 to request to host a giveaway. Community ran giveaways will be clearly marked for users. The hosting of community giveaways may be terminated by the administrative team for any reason. Anything not listed here is subject to review by an administrator. EXTERNAL ACTIONS 1 - PROFILE PICTURES Your profile picture should not include: Racism, sexism, transphobic, antisemetic, or homophobic Inappropriate content (gore, violence, abuse or NSFW) Flashing profile pictures that can trigger epilepsy 2 - RULES THAT APPLY TO SITUATIONS OUTSIDE OF HD A deal being discussed which was set up from HD (ex. hiring or selling something) Excessively rude to a member of Hidden Developers Excessively rude to a staff member of Hidden Developers Harassing a member of Hidden Developers externally (e.g. direct messaging, talking behind back) 3 - BYPASSING Using letters or symbols to cover up something that breaks the rules is not tolerated Using external emojis inappropriately Do not create alternate accounts to bypass our moderation system Automated user accounts/self bots are not permitted under any circumstances Discord Roblox Group Twitter Credit to Susie#1000 and Sameer#9957 for writing this and Edward#5580 for formatting on website These rules are subject to be changed at will by an administrator with or without notice
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    ps4 and xbox = ps2 =
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