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    Scripter Minimum of 150 lines of LUA in a Pastebin Must show an understanding of the code provided. Allow games as long as they are accompanied by a Pastebin Graphics 3 graphics minimum Must be accessible through an online gallery/portfolio such as DeviantArt, Twitter, etc. Renders without editing are not accepted. Stolen art is not accepted. (Stolen work) Clothing Designer No stolen clothing Minimum of 5 designs. Links provided must be Roblox catalog links. Examples must be uploaded by you or you must be credited for making them. Builders Minimum of 3 examples (may all be in the same place) No free models Must be a place, images are not accepted. Mesh Creator Minimum of 3 models Free models are not accepted. If models are uploaded to Roblox, must be in a place so the entire thing is visible Allowed if uploaded to a website e.g. ArtStation where you can view the entire model in 3D Game Maker 50,000 visits minimum. Minimum of 30 concurrent players. If the game appears to be an old famous game, can be accepted. Must own/co-own the game. Known groups Minimum of 500 members. Bots are not counted as members. The group must have a purpose. You must be the owner of the group. YouTuber 1,000 subscribers minimum. Upload three videos or more videos per week. If the content is good quality, one video per week is allowed. Banner and profile image on the channel. Off-site developer Any other programming language Lua code not accepted, suggest them to apply for 'Scripter'. Must show a clear understanding of the code they sent. Pastebin/Hastebin bin link of off-site development coding they’ve done. Websites that have been created are allowed Must show proof of ownership for that website. Music Creator Minimum of 3 audios you’ve created Minimum of 20 seconds worth of sound/audio. Must be on a streaming platform such as Youtube, Soundcloud, etc. Animator Minimum of 3 animation examples Any type of animation is allowed (2D, 3D, etc) UI Designer Minimum of 3 examples of UI Links must be to Roblox places which have the UI or in a portfolio (one link!) Voice Actor Minimum of 2 audio files Audio provided must last 20+ seconds Voice changers are not allowed Audio must be uploaded to a media such as Soundcloud or YouTube
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    Hey guys, here's some more progress of my Notre Dame. Tell me what you guys think!
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    Not to be selfish or annoying but is there a reason they take 2 weeks+ to accept an application. I got 9 views on my application but no responses left. Just being curious not entitled I understand people have lives.
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    Interested. My discord is TanostheFalseGown#3933
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    Hey, I am a really good game builder, I have worked for many large game development projects in the past! I would be glad to work on your game! Just message me on discord at redfox2255#7612
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    Change your line "script.Parent.Text = script.Parent.Text + 5" with "script.Parent.Text = math.min(script.Parent.Text + 5, Gears.Value)" And it should get fixed
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    for hire : ADVANCED SCRIPTER payment: robux and giftcards NO PERCENTAGE work:all physical moves stats system WHICH WORKS and combat system ONLY PHYSICAL MOVES and block system one peice game and simulator (fully) all script ik in simulator other than pet and save shop and level up system trnasform and shadow clone justu health/exp/anything showing gui TRAINING SYSTEM like SUPER POWER TRAINING teleport system -teleport portals teleport devices and timer teleport auras - all body part and tails character editor storygame ncp walk and talk ncp fight speed run random things (i can make many things as random like random punch left or right) car spawer system gas stations system and many more dm me for more info
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    Hey guys, these are some of my french house's i made a while ago, tell me what you guys think about it!
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    lmao wtf is that
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    Hello Neapolitan, Usually game development groups look for whatever kind of developers they need. The work they usually look for consists of either a good portfolio with images and links, or even simply just images that have really good quality with cool designs. You always wanna send them pictures of designs where you went all out and put your maximum effort. If you want to get work, post your best work, that you are most proud of.
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    Hey! I'm selling multiple low poly models ranging from chairs, cars, props etc.... All made by me (with proof). message me on discord if interested: Micnasr#9242 All the Assets range from 3$-15$ or 100 - 1000 robux. All models in the website are available https://micraidz.wixsite.com/micnasr
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    I am looking for criticism on my first gfx, and what i can change to improve quality.
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    Hey! I'm not looking to buy any - but man your work is amazing! Keep it up! I'm sure there would be a buyer emerging from the shadows anytime soon!
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    Contact Information Discord - Zaydan#0001I’m selling a high quality cafe that is original. I used it for my cafe group, but now closed the group and have no use for the build. It’s super high quality though and fully built and scripted. Price: I'm selling this for 500 Robux/5 USD
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    Is there a newer updated version of Hidden Developer's HD Music Player? https://www.roblox.com/library/2774841258/HD-Music-Player-Loader If not is there a script just like this which is newer and better?
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    Hey guys, i am here to show off my new build i am working on, its supposed to look like the Notre Dame. Current time spent on: 3,5 hours. I am looking forward to finishing it :D. If you wanna see all the progress make sure to follow me on here, and if you got any suggestions reply to this post with your suggestion! Kind regards, Fosc.
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    Created in blender 2.82a. Consists of 15k tris. Discord: Norc#2909
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    I rewrote this guide to help some newcomers of Roblox, and people who simply don't know! However, the Developer Forum is for 13+ and you have to have 12+ Hours of reading time to get into it.
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    Nobody likes being scammed. Here's some ways to prevent it: Section 1: Buyer Tips 1. DO NOT Pay Upfront This is a BIG mistake. Paying any% upfront puts you in a terrible position if your seller doesn't plan on selling anything. Instead, pay *after* you're 100% sure the product is finished. If your seller actually makes your product, chances are, they won't steal your money (They'd be wasting their own time!). 2. DO Ask for Updates It's a great idea to ask for updates time-to-time to make your your vendor is working. Not only does it ensure your time isn't being wasted, but it's proof that they're actually designing your product! Ask for a screenshot midway, and if they're unable to supply one, they may be trying to sell work they haven't made. 3. DO NOT Get Impatient Scammers like to take advantage of people's patience. If you become desperate, you may just make a mistake that ends it all (money-wise). Patience is key, remain vigilant of your vendor and make sure they're not up to no good. Otherwise, give them the . 4. DO Check Our Scammer Logs When hiring someone, the easiest way to roughly verify their integrity is to check our scammer logs. Use CTRL+F and type in their credentials (Roblox name or Discord ID). However, don't expect it to work 100% of the time (a lot of scammers are new or use alternate accounts). Always consider the other steps listed. Section 2: Seller Tips 1. Know The Code In the grand scheme of things, a transaction should occur as follows: Buyer places order (DO NOT PAY) -> Seller creates product -> Buyer pays seller -> Seller hands over product This is the most logical approach. Like I said, paying upfront is really bad. Don't do it. No currency is transferred until the seller creates the product, then at which it's too late to scam the buyer for their money (You've already created the product you dumbo!). If the buyer is the one not pulling their end, they don't receive the product until they do pay. If they cancel the transaction, you can always just sell off your premade creation to someone else. 2. Get a Middleman By far, the most secure way to perform a transaction is to have a trusted middleman. Don't know what a middleman is? Here's how it works: Buyer places order (no pay) -> Seller creates product -> Seller hands product to middleman -> Middleman verifies product -> Buyer pays seller -> Middleman hands over product A good example of trusted members are HD Staff: These individuals were handpicked for their maturity and trust. 3. Comply With Your Buyer After all, they're giving you their money... This can be very stressful on buyers. Acting suspicious in any way can and will lead to a lot of false accusations, and a possible scam report against you (At most 70% of HD scam reports are simple misunderstandings). For this reason, it's critical that you remain compliant and supply genuine, unedited documentation of your work-in-progress piece (watermarking is fine, however).
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    Please accurately read and follow the rules and information provided below so we can keep the website clean and organised for all users. Template: Rules: Using the template is a requirement, if not used your post will be removed. Be respectful to everyone (original poster and all users that reply) Follow our website rules Must include a payment, if there is no exact payment involved make sure to put 'Negotiable'. Wait 24 hours before bumping or reposting your hiring/selling post. Thank you for taking the time to read this thread.
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    That moment on the build off when Headless put my build up too high and I asked him to put a brick so people could get inside and he said "There you go" But he forgot to anchor the brick and he was laughing so hard and almost choked to death while I was raging,
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    Hidden Developers Discord + Website Rules Please note: You are responsible for your own account. If your account has broken any rules you will be warned accordingly. If you use the excuse that someone else was using your account - you will still receive the best fitting punishment to the repercussions that were broken. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Hidden Developers Guidelines By using our server and our website you automatically agree to the following rules: Discord Rules SECTION 1 - CHATTING 1.1 - All users are expected to respect each other while on our server. 1.2 - Please speak in English while in our server. 1.3 - SPAMMING Image/file spam - Three or more images sent in a short period of time. Mention spam - Pinging more than 3 times without a relevant reason. Text spam - Three or more messages sent in a short period of time with no real content or value. Includes repeating the same word or sentence multiple times. Text spam exception: Paragraphs 5 lines or less are permitted when relevant to the conversation. If your message is longer, please split the message and send it in intervals to prevent flooding the chat or directly message the user. 1.4 - SUSPICIOUS/INAPPROPRIATE FILES + LINKS Suspicious/inappropriate files or links can be identified as: Unnamed files without reason to be posted Masked links (key-loggers, IP loggers, etc) Pornography, Disturbing or upsetting content (gore, violence, abuse) 1.5 - INAPPROPRIATE CONVERSATIONS Sex Drugs/Alcohol Medical or educational discussion about drugs are allowed. Promotion of drug use or distribution of drugs is not allowed. Swearing - Swearing is permitted if not used excessively or in a derogatory way. Words or phrases deemed too inappropriate will still be moderated Do not direct a swear at any individuals in a disrespectful manner Remain mature when swearing, don't have a swear word every two words. Controversial or sensitive topics (religion, political, etc) Racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, harassment Discussing rules, bans, warnings or any moderation action. Message the current Head of Moderation or if no response after a long period of time, contact an Administrator Discussions of exploiting This applies to how to make an exploit, how to use, and general discussions about them. 1.6 - PROVOKING, TARGETING, HARASSMENT Bullying: negatively targeting the user in direct messages, constantly pinging them with negative remarks, etc Racism, sexism, trans-phobia, homophobia, harassment or threatening another user Provoking phobias with intent to upset or bother another user, if asked to not post something such as an image of a spider please respect their request. Provoking, baiting, stimulating intense situations, or deliberately making users respond in a hostile manner is not tolerated. (including, but not limited to, arguing, exploiting rules and loopholes, and intentionally inciting moderators to take action. Encouraging suicide Do not deliberately post an image/video etc to trigger someones phobia if they make it known. PLEASE NOTE: Giving criticism is not considered any of these. However, if you're strictly targeting someone and continuously saying their work is bad without any suggested improvements is considered harassment. 1.7 - IMPERSONATION Claiming to have another ROBLOX account/user which you do not own Claiming to be a role in a company or group to get a role in HD Claiming ownership of work that is not yours 1.8 - ADVERTISING You may only advertise in the designated channels we provide for you; advertisements can be made using the command ,ad in #cmds-n-other. Advertising in Direct Messages is prohibited, will be punished if reported. Posting random links (e.g. Twitter, Discord invite URL) in chat without prior context or reasoning is prohibited All advertisement posts will be subject to review before being posted. Advertisements must adhere to discords Terms of Service, discords Community Guidelines and Hidden Developers rules. 1.9 - MODERATORS + Other In any given situation the presiding moderator(s) have the final judgement. Contact the Head of Moderation or an administrator ONLY for your moderation to be reviewed. Do not minimod. We have mods for a reason. DM a mod or use our ticket system to report an issue to a mod Ear rape is not allowed under any circumstances. Not through a meme, video, voice chat, nada. Keep it out. SECTION 2 - MARKETPLACE + DEALS 2.1 - SCAMMING Taking other users work without completing your deal Not completing your side of the original deal Taking pay and blocking user without completing your side of the deal Changing an agreed deal without the consent of the other user If consent is given by the other user then the deal can be changed. However, if you have already agreed upon the original deal and you chose to go back on your deal without their consent or informing them - this is considered scamming and should be reported through our ticket system. To create a ticket, state ,ticket in #cmds-n-other, and choose the category 'scam report'. SECTION 3 - VOICE CHATTING 3.1 - Do not microphone spam in any voice channel Please use the push-to-talk setting shown above if you have an excessive amount of background noise The same rules posted above apply to voice channels as well Voice changers are allowed as long as they're not used to be obnoxiously loud/annoying Light swearing is allowed, however, racist, transphobic, sexist, or homophobic comments are not allowed 3.2 - Do not use any inappropriate voice changers Do not use any voice changers that will ear rape, be obnoxious, or erratic. SECTION 4 - MUSIC VOICE CHANNEL While using the music bot, doing the following is not permitted: Excessive swearing(ex. using a swear word in every sentence) Racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia Ear rape (excessively loud sounds) Requesting more than 3 songs in a row Abusing the music bot 4.1 - SKIPPING A SONG Please refrain from skipping a song unless a majority of the voice channel dislike the song being played. SECTION 5 - MISCELLANEOUS 5.1 - COMMUNITY GIVEAWAYS Community giveaways are completely optional and not required to do. If you wish to opt out, please toggle off the giveaway role to stop receiving further pings. You are not required to host or participate in one. Community ran giveaways will be hosted by an administrator. Submitting fake codes will result in an immediate ban. Submitting used codes will result in an immediate ban. Submitting illegal/pirated copies will result in an immediate ban. Failing to give the reward to the winner(s) will result in an immediate ban. Donors must have the reward pre-ready All giveaways will be subjected to proof of purchase/proof of having it on-hand. It is your responsibility to ensure wherever you get the digital code that it is a trusted seller. Failing to comply with these guidelines will result in an immediate barring from hosting community giveaways. An administrator may bar any user from hosting a community giveaway for any reason. The prize/code will be handed to the administrator hosting the giveaway It is the responsibility of the administrator to hand over the prize to the winner(s) Hidden Developers is not responsible for any fake/bad codes or if the user is unable to supply the reward. Affected victim(s) will not be compensated. All submissions will be reviewed by an administrator. The reviewing administrator may decline hosting the giveaway for any reason. Giveaways have a required minimum denomination for the winner(s). Anything involving real money must have a $10 denomination. Sale prices does not affect this; base price must be 10 dollars or more. The prize must be digital. If the prize is a digital code to an application/game it must be a legal copy of it (e.g not a cracked version) The prize must follow the original sellers Terms of Service regarding giveaways. e.g ROBLOX gift cards must follow Roblox's Terms of Service regarding giveaways. For the safety of our users, we have set maximum denominations: The maximum denomination for real money is $200 dollars. All will be subject to proof and will be required to have on hand. Anything not listed will be decided by the reviewing administrator. Anything not listed will be decided by the reviewing administrator. The donor is in complete control of how the giveaway will be hosted. The time limit is a minimum 6 hours and up to 24 hours. Minimum amount of winner(s) is 1 and the maximum of 15 (limitations of the giveaway bot). Scale prize accordingly with the amount of winners. Each winner must receive an equal divided amount of the reward. e.g Don't give away 1,000 robux and have 3 winners. The donor may choose to have a custom message to go along with the giveaway. Custom message is subject to review and may be changed with or without notice. Community members who donate to giveaways will be rewarded in some capacity decided by the administrative team. Donors may opt to do the giveaway anonymously. Donors may still receive the reward decided by the administrative team if they choose. Community giveaways will be hosted server wide* for every community member. Donors may request to host giveaways to a *particular group e.g contributors. These particular groups must be a role/group type, not select people. An administrator may block a request for the giveaway to be hosted towards a particular role/group for any reason. You must be at minimum bronze 1 to request to host a giveaway. Community ran giveaways will be clearly marked for users. The hosting of community giveaways may be terminated by the administrative team for any reason. Anything not listed here is subject to review by an administrator. EXTERNAL ACTIONS 1 - PROFILE PICTURES Your profile picture should not include: Racism, sexism, transphobic, antisemetic, or homophobic Inappropriate content (gore, violence, abuse or NSFW) Flashing profile pictures that can trigger epilepsy 2 - RULES THAT APPLY TO SITUATIONS OUTSIDE OF HD A deal being discussed which was set up from HD (ex. hiring or selling something) Excessively rude to a member of Hidden Developers Excessively rude to a staff member of Hidden Developers Harassing a member of Hidden Developers externally (e.g. direct messaging, talking behind back) 3 - BYPASSING Using letters or symbols to cover up something that breaks the rules is not tolerated Using external emojis inappropriately Do not create alternate accounts to bypass our moderation system Automated user accounts/self bots are not permitted under any circumstances Discord Roblox Group Twitter Credit to Susie#1000 and Sameer#9957 for writing this and Edward#5580 for formatting on website These rules are subject to be changed at will by an administrator with or without notice
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    If you are under 13 this may be one of the reasons. I don't know if one of Roblox's rules that you must be 13 to be accepted into the Developer Forum but I am sure they probably do have an age limit on who can join the Developer Forum.
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    Hello! As you see, I am hiring a Builder that can make a hotel with me. Details: You will get payed 1k and under cause it has already been started. Must be 13+. The Team. @ObbyMasterMine - Builder @ThisCanBeYou - Builder @itzTammy013 - UI Designer/Scripter Thank you for reading! To contact me, simply dm me. ObbyMasterMine#8372
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    Hello I can build you this sword! whats the payment?
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