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    Still work in progress to go since I'm still practicing building aesthetic armor so far. Feedback or suggestions appreciated!
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    Hello, My name is Kai. I am hiring for a builder for my horror game. The style and design can be thought out later. If you would be at all interested, please don't hesitate to contact me! I am very excited to work with you. Payment: This will be decided later, around R$1200 but this can easily go up or down. Contact Details: You can message me on the site however I would prefer it if you could message my Discord. I'm kai#9383. Thank you very much! I'm excited to hear from you.
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    Hello, my name is Lit. I've been trying to learn LUA for a while now. My friend (Spencer) and I have worked on a game called Follower Simulator. In the game, you click a button to gain in-game followers. Your target is to get the most followers. My game probably isn't going to be that big but oh well.
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    What's your favorite kind of Pizza? Mine is barbecue chicken.
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    I mean your icon is a great start!
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    Now, this is wholly and extensively only speculation on part of the 30% of users within Hidden Developers who contribute to more than 50% of the general-chat activity on a daily basis. According to all statistical and realistic data compiled within the past week that Jeraemiel had- having escaped from a month-long sentence of supreme seclusion due to the extreme immaturity of posting an anime male with a quite large back-end, squatting; That Jeraemiel is a prime specimen and prize possession of the community. Her extreme grace when under pressure is to be envied- as seen in this high-intensity interaction below; She is also highly praised within the community- having since gained a small cult-like following as well. With all this positive interaction towards her infamous name, formerly sh_era and now currently jeraemiel; How does she contain this perfect blend of grace and ferocity? Simple, upon further interview by an unspecified source; She only had a single sentence of advice towards attaining her current status of God-Empress. You can not only feel the sheer power behind this statement, but the vast confidence radiating from one of the best clothing content creators that can be found within Hidden Developers- nonetheless, the entire Robloxian platform. I will finish this intensive patient-study with but a single quote from this holy and radiating specimen. Hidden Developers would begin to morph into a true Eutopia- should the guidelines that the God-Empress, Jeraemiel, follows; be consequentially honored and adopted by the amass of users on this website. It is only by doing this- will you gain a 100% satisfaction rating amongst your playerbase, and go to sleep everyday knowing that your Roblox™ Career is in a safe and comfy place. This is her final statement, and a pure example of her pure charismatic energy, only advanced further by TreySoWavvy's up and coming RPG-themed Game, Soon Releasing on ROBLOX.
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    Which is better? I like Xbox better, far more reliable.
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    I have posted links to the image. (They contain swears/chat bypass & offensive comments) Hope this isnt against the rules. Just thought I should let people know what I saw. User: https://www.roblox.com/users/50191623/profile 2k+ followers Known from: https://www.roblox.com/groups/3464613/Ant#!/about 88k they is a chairperson Proof: https://imgur.com/a/ievfGW1 2 photo, show there chat & name THIS IS NOT MADE TO TARNISH THE REPUTATION OF 1uct, JUST LETTING THE COMMUNITY KNOW ABOUT THERE COMMENTS IN PUBLIC GAMES In the game: https://www.roblox.com/games/2228128339/Club-Iris?refPageId=5cf7fb79-f587-4ca2-b637-64ab1f04b800
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    Since people are saying that they are pretty close, and that Mad City copied Jailbreak I wanted to see what people think is the better game.
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    @devLoci Welcome to Hidden Developers, in order to level up you need to talk within the chat! As long as you chat you'll gain XP for one message every minute. If you'd like to see our roles by MEE6 level, check them out here! https://mee6.xyz/leaderboard/211228845771063296
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    wahahahhaa zach alrdy did one but i guess this is now a latest poll now skskskkss
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    Let’s all be real here Apple is obviously better....
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    All users should be able to send images in our creations channel. I am not sure what exactly the issue is as I have just looked at the permissions. The issue may of been fixed prior to me reading your post, if you still have this issue please create a ticket though the HiddenBot and I will further look into the issue.
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    @Lust what would you like the games page to look like? Also posting your ideas on the DevForum would be a better way to have your voice heard, and for change to be made.
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    Looks good, thank you for making this post!
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    The entry box does allow multiple entries, you can either put a space in-between each link, or hit shift and enter at the same time to start a new line. The scripter application does require examples of your work, being shown in either a HasteBin or a PasteBin. Further examples can include roblox games, or a gif showing what your supplied script does.
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    Awwww... I missed it, gotta start reminding me of this stuff
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    Hello, everyone! On Saturday, October 14, 2017, a total of 2! people participated in a scripting competition under the theme of 'Magic.' As with any Saturday competition, a winner shall be announced the day after. We request of you to vote on the poll as to who shall win this competition. The winner will be announced on Sunday, October 15, 2017 at 5:00PM EST To look at the participant's scripts, you can go to this place: https://www.roblox.com/games/972174776/Competition-Event ~Thanks, nforeman, Community Engagement Representative
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