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  1. Scripter Minimum of 150 lines of Lua in a pastebin, github etc. Must show an understanding of the code provided. Allow games as long as they are accompanied by a script in a pastebin, github etc. Must confirm that the code was made by you in the form of accreditations in the game’s description or name in the script provided. Graphics Must provide a minimum of 3 examples; for any art that is not rendered, you must provide 4+ examples. Must be accessible through an online gallery/portfolio such as DeviantArt, Twitter, etc. Your work must have a
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  2. Please do not buy this. This game is copied from Core Productions 2.0. Original Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/4562626938/OG-Limitless-RPG
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  3. Hello Developers! I'm here to sell my katana set that includes, Katana Katana Cover/Sheathe Cover Katana's Holder (Union) Price of the Product Looking for someone to accept the offer at the highest price of 500 R$ (Can Nego a lower price) (No taxes) Available Stock: 1 Contact Discord: Tixolate#6666 After Purchase You will add me as a friend on Roblox then, I'll place the set in your game/baseplate along with 1 extra katana with it's cover. When transaction is done, I'll remove you or we can stay as friends. (Your Choice) Example of images
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  4. Hello, I'm Zerxiase and obviously as you can see pretty new to Hidden Developers. I am a Lua Programmer and has been for around 6-7 years, I'm advanced enough to teach you many things of Lua and get you into a state where you can script yourself and understand the features Lua provides in under a Week's time, be patient and give yourself time to work with Lua and I promise you that you'll indeed be good to go in a Week. Here's my discord tags, BOOMYBOOM#0136 please DM me and I'll give you information upon my tutoring class, this isn't a mandatory class or something you'll have to come dai
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  5. An example for this would be getting children through "for i,v" if you know what that is, heres and example: Of course you wouldn't do that but its just an example, GetChildren simply gets all that you can see under the path you reference, for example If I do game.Workspace:GetChildren() on a entirely new map, that would return a table of local table = { Terrain, Baseplate, Camera } By putting that in a "for i,v" you can sort of expand the table, be noted though, a "for i,v" goes through the entire table repeating the action.
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  6. So today my friend's Discord profile picture was default and it needed some life to it, so I gave him a helping hand, he was so grateful! Thoughts?
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  7. Anvanced scripter needed.
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