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  1. I would love to develop here, but I would need to be taught a bit more, I have a brief knowledge of scripting as well as a lot of experience in roblox Lua and can learn very quickly if explained the terms of PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, and Node.js ect ect. - slay101jr#3438 - Customer Service Agent For myCenter - Roblox Developer - Let me know
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  2. Hi, I am more of a modern designer but I have done: cartooney, apocalyptic, and and rustic builds before. If you are interested you can contact me on discord: LaneLove#1833
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  3. Ya'll went ahead and raised image perms up SO HIGH just since SOME people abused. So how about we meet in the middle and you toss us a few more server emojis? Like you have TONS of nitro boost- can have 100+ emojis and we have less than twenty and most are god awful. Like at least bring the :deepthink: emoji back? Toss us just a few- it takes like a minute and would make the community just a little less angry.
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