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  1. This is correct, but also some people use alternate accounts to pull off mass scams, even if it doesn't cut down by a lot, it could cut the scam investigation work significantly because scammers who use alternate accounts would have to wait that two month period I'm sure they'd just wait it out but it could help with scams
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  2. You could have a folder with all the GUIs in it like cloud said and then have a for loop and put them all in a table like this local guis = game.ServerStorage.guis --The gui folder containing the guis local guiTable = {} --The gui table for i,v in pairs(guis:GetChildren()) do --The for loop that inserts all the guis in the guis folder into the guyi table table.insert(guiTable, #guiTable+1, v) end local guiSelection = math.random(1,#guiTable) --Randomly selects a item from the table's index in it local guiSelected = guiTable[guiSelection] --Gets
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  3. Fair enough i just didn't think of that really at the time
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