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    Not to be selfish or annoying but is there a reason they take 2 weeks+ to accept an application. I got 9 views on my application but no responses left. Just being curious not entitled I understand people have lives.
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    Interested. My discord is TanostheFalseGown#3933
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    Scripter Minimum of 150 lines of LUA in a Pastebin Must show an understanding of the code provided. Allow games as long as they are accompanied by a Pastebin Graphics 3 graphics minimum Must be accessible through an online gallery/portfolio such as DeviantArt, Twitter, etc. Renders without editing are not accepted. Stolen art is not accepted. (Stolen work) Clothing Designer No stolen clothing Minimum of 5 designs. Links provided must be Roblox catalog links. Examples must be uploaded by you or you must be credited for making them. Builders Minimum of 3 examples (may all be in the same place) No free models Must be a place, images are not accepted. Mesh Creator Minimum of 3 models Free models are not accepted. If models are uploaded to Roblox, must be in a place so the entire thing is visible Allowed if uploaded to a website e.g. ArtStation where you can view the entire model in 3D Game Maker 50,000 visits minimum. Minimum of 30 concurrent players. If the game appears to be an old famous game, can be accepted. Must own/co-own the game. Known groups Minimum of 500 members. Bots are not counted as members. The group must have a purpose. You must be the owner of the group. YouTuber 1,000 subscribers minimum. Upload three videos or more videos per week. If the content is good quality, one video per week is allowed. Banner and profile image on the channel. Off-site developer Any other programming language Lua code not accepted, suggest them to apply for 'Scripter'. Must show a clear understanding of the code they sent. Pastebin/Hastebin bin link of off-site development coding they’ve done. Websites that have been created are allowed Must show proof of ownership for that website. Music Creator Minimum of 3 audios you’ve created Minimum of 20 seconds worth of sound/audio. Must be on a streaming platform such as Youtube, Soundcloud, etc. Animator Minimum of 3 animation examples Any type of animation is allowed (2D, 3D, etc) UI Designer Minimum of 3 examples of UI Links must be to Roblox places which have the UI or in a portfolio (one link!) Voice Actor Minimum of 2 audio files Audio provided must last 20+ seconds Voice changers are not allowed Audio must be uploaded to a media such as Soundcloud or YouTube
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    That moment on the build off when Headless put my build up too high and I asked him to put a brick so people could get inside and he said "There you go" But he forgot to anchor the brick and he was laughing so hard and almost choked to death while I was raging,
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    Hello! As you see, I am hiring a Builder that can make a hotel with me. Details: You will get payed 1k and under cause it has already been started. Must be 13+. The Team. @ObbyMasterMine - Builder @ThisCanBeYou - Builder @itzTammy013 - UI Designer/Scripter Thank you for reading! To contact me, simply dm me. ObbyMasterMine#8372
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