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    What is Genius Code X (GCX)? Genius Code X is a growing community, slow but yet earning members and Developer members. We Genius Code X developers are creating games for ROBLOX Community; as well We're Off-Site Developers. We Develop out of ROBLOX. We have Developers Who know so much knowledge into other kinds of Programming more than What We Developers in Roblox Code such as RBX Lua/Lua. Why Genius Code X (GCX)? Join Because We are fun and We teach people, How to Script and Build Etc. We help with ERRORS, We help those indeed We do Donate to people, So they can buy stuff on ROBLOX or anywhere else. We are kind people, not TOXIC People. So Why not join? Spread the word out to people to join! Helps us so much Grow and see people ONLINE, and to help YOU as well. We kinds of Developers around here. Join us now! Visit our website , Join our Discord Community , Join our ROBLOX Community
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    Hi, I'm a youtuber I want to hire a dev. Make a small game simulator for me to play with fans request : - Build: 1Map Simple, items, - Script: pick box and Drop , craft item. Payment: $ Paypal Let the discord name ,I will dm
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    looks really good. i'm pretty poor rn tho ahaha.
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    It's most likely not working either.
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    Instead of using the sub divide modifier, use Smooth then Edge split to make a model more smooth looking. As you can see with my example pictures they both have the same look, but instead on only has 47,000 tris apposed to the 291,000+.
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