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  1. I would like to apply. I sent you a friend request on Discord.
  2. Definitely PC because you can work and play games without having to invest in a second device, plus I like PC controls the most.
  3. The problem for me with getting all of it at once is that I would spend half of it on Rogue Lineage within the first hour. So, I would only get the one-time payout if there was an option to route it through something that would only give me like 3-4k weekly
  4. I think the biggest difference is, while Jailbreak seems to focus on criminals trying to evade police, Mad City focuses more on the places to rob and less on facilitating police vs criminal gameplay. It's a matter of opinion whether you prefer more complicated and more overall places to rob, or more capturing criminals/evading police. Also, Mad City tends to have more big fights because of Super Heroes.
  5. I'm just interested to know what you did before you started programming on Roblox (if you are not a programmer, then whatever skill you use in Roblox). Just to start, Roblox was the first major thing I had worked with.
  6. Nightfall is a module that allows Roblox developers to easily integrate dark mode into their game Installation Github Roblox Module After downloading it, put it into StarterPlayerScripts and require it from any LocalScript that needs it Ease of use Very easy to use because all you have to do to set it up is to add all of your UI elements using the AddObject function and set up something to toggle the dark mode on and off. Customization Another good part, because if you are willing to dig more deeply into the module (still not that complicated), you can b
  7. Whenever I try to log in to the Roblox Dev Forum, it says "the Dev Forum is not available for you to log in". Why? I wasn't trying to post something or do something that you had to be member for, but I can't become a member because you have to be able to log in! Please help.
  8. What you could do is use LogService to retrieve the text and make a GUI that shows the log for testers.
  9. I am thinking of adding rounded corners to some of my UI (my game doesn't really need awesome UI, but I figured it could be better than standard old Roblox buttons), but one of the that would force me to use hover events for animations instead of autobuttoncolor, so I'm just wondering how It compares in performance?
  10. I had the same problem. I don't think it affects you permanently unless it happens a lot. And in that case, you could try to appeal.
  11. AsyncBanana


    I made something like this: Prometheus Data Module
  12. This is in Beta PDM is a datastore manager that allows you to easily get and save data. Please try it and give feedback on Github. The description is on Github. Other Links to it: Official Webpage Github Roblox Model Wiki *This is my first public model and may be unprofesionally made. ***Do not use this in public work yet. It isn't finished and is buggy Edit: New Wiki added!
  13. Can some people give feedback on my game? It's a RPG/Simulator and is in early development. Link: https://web.roblox.com/games/3955211227/Double-coins-Shouting-Adventures-Beta
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