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  1. Hello!, I am currently working on my simulator game and i made a script so when the player clicks with the tool it will fire the event, this works but whoever if i change the playerstats for "multiplier" or "addition" the variables wont update, i have proven this by using print (multiplier) statements and even if i change it to whatever it will still print "1" which is what its set to in my playerstats folder. Any help appreciated, scripts below: game.ReplicatedStorage.addevent.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(plr) local addition = plr.playerstats.addition local multiplier = plr
  2. Hey there, I really want to make a game on roblox like Group recruiting plaza but for game advertising, and Players can rent little buildings and in them is a teleporter that they can customize to their game id, gamepass wall where they can sell there passes and like descriptions and decals they can change i started work on the map, but i cant script any of the system, if you can help me i can pay a few hundred robux through group funds, add my roblox THEBESTBUILDER90 and comment your name below, Thanks
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