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  1. If you want it to only work in the lobby you could create a Region3/Part with a .touched event and if the player is inside either of those you could make the button visible and clickable and if they aren't do the opposite
  2. Do you still need help? If so i'd be happy to help you out
  3. kom297

    My first game!

    If you would like i could try to fix the bug with the Fortune Cube™
  4. he wants 5k for this and it only sells 6 shirts a day
  5. i think i can do that you got discord and i could add you?
  6. kom297

    Random GUI generator

    Says who? He asked for help and i did not know how much scripting knowledge he had so i told him what things did so that he could easily adapt the system to his needs
  7. Have a banned datastore on every player with a true/false value and when the ban command is initiated update their ban datastore to be true
  8. kom297

    Random GUI generator

    Fair enough i just didn't think of that really at the time
  9. kom297

    Random GUI generator

    You could have a folder with all the GUIs in it like cloud said and then have a for loop and put them all in a table like this local guis = game.ServerStorage.guis --The gui folder containing the guis local guiTable = {} --The gui table for i,v in pairs(guis:GetChildren()) do --The for loop that inserts all the guis in the guis folder into the guyi table table.insert(guiTable, #guiTable+1, v) end local guiSelection = math.random(1,#guiTable) --Randomly selects a item from the table's index in it local guiSelected = guiTable[guiSelection] --Gets
  10. There is a way to do this https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/api-reference/property/DataModel/PrivateServerOwnerId You would just need to find the owner of said private server/vip server by searching through the players then creating a datastore on their player or something
  11. Its literally a roblox template but with a slightly different map
  12. kom297

    Game for Sale

    Report them to the staff
  13. I might be interested do you have discord?
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