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  1. Rust is becoming very popular, Rust first appearence was in 2010. (Not much for a programming language, C++ is 30 years old!) a lot of Roblox developers also use Rust. Let's remind that Hidden Developers is not a Roblox-only community but for DEVS in general. For more info check: https://stackoverflow.blog/2020/01/20/what-is-rust-and-why-is-it-so-popular/
  2. Proposal: Add Rust Programmer role in the Discord Server and in the website. Why: Rust is becoming more known very fast, and I think It would be a good implementation to the Discord Server and the website add that role. Rust was voted for the fifth year straight the most-loved programming language by developers in Stack Overflow's 2020 survey! Please take a shot into Rust.
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