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  1. Idk its easy anyway to script add me at Dandy 53/53 Eggs#0531
  2. Im banned from HD how much ru paying
  3. Bro read the #programming channel in the discord they say not to spoonfeed since most of the time they don't learn anything from it!!
  4. You spoonfed him your not supposed to do that!!!
  5. wow what a bad game lemme fix it for you so u only use one local module one server module one script one local script you also need to put pcalls everywhere so ur script functions don't forget your own custom soft shutdown system and your own custom made over 6000 lines at least anticheat One for the client and another for the server You also need to spam coroutines everywhere you possibly can
  6. 10 out of [ Content Deleted ]ing ten man no demos or anything [ Content Deleted ]ing amazing shit here!
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