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  1. The way I learned scripting was using a variety of different resources, including tutorials from AlvinBlox, TheDevKing, etc. Another thing that helped me was taking (trusted & safe) free models from the toolbox and looking into those scripts and seeing if I could understand parts of it. Another good resource is the Roblox DevForums, there are quite a few tutorials made by other people in the community, and you can also post things, like asking for help (if you are a member)
  2. I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be in the 'Hiring' category and not the 'Lua' one.
  3. You should move this post to the Hiring section, and probably also put the info in your actual post rather than the title.
  4. Hey @SK04, so it seems to be fixed for the most part, but everything after that doesn't work and it also only moves the player once, and it doesn't do it after the first time.
  5. I'm working on a system so that the player walks to a part and then the glass breaks. Most of the script works fine, however I'd like the player to actually walk to a certain part. Here is my code: If anyone can explain why it isn't working and a solution, that would be great, thanks!
  6. This seems to be more of an advertisement more than a hiring post.
  7. Do we need discord? If so you should post your tag or something.
  8. Hey @grim25723, it worked, thanks!
  9. So I'm working on a system where if the coin value changes, the GUI text updates, and it will also play a "text animation", it kinda works, it's just that it doesn't stop adding value to the text. Here's my script: =
  10. So I've been programming a cooking system for a cafe lately, and my if statement isn't working. The way it works is if all the check marks are Visible, then a TextButton called "Cook" should appear and another TextButton called "Cancel" should disappear. And here's my code: (sorry if it's a bit long as it's for the entire GUI Frame, and the cut off text at line 28 says "then")
  11. SalmonQuasar


    I can make decent animations, my Roblox acc is ChaserTooo
  12. This should be in the Hiring section..
  13. This should be in the Hiring section.
  14. Selling a pretty simple modern cafe! Also if you purchase it, I can always add some signs and stuff! The kitchen and menus are blank because you can ask me what to add, because I'm not sure what kind of foods/drinks you want! Price: 500-1000 Robux Group funds only! (Prices negotiable!) [Disclaimer]: It has NOT been programmed yet!! Ask somebody else (or yourself) to do it! Roblox username: ChaserTooo Game Link: https://web.roblox.com/games/5014084889/Cafe Images: Please reply on with a comment or message me in the Hidden Website!
  15. Do they work or are they just models/meshes?
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