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  1. Hello, I am garodueng. I recently started to animate, and I need some commissions to add to my portfolio. It will be completely free! Credits are highly appreciated, but not required. Just DM me at Garodueng#0491. What I do: Simple animations such as walking, running, jumping, idle, short dances, and simple military animations such as crouching, prone, at ease, and salute. What I don't do: Tool animations, Guns animations, Anime animations, and complicated & long animations. I prefer R15, but R6 is completely fine!
  2. Add me on Garodueng#0491, I'm not that experienced in this field, but I tried making an SCP themed obby and it was fun so I'm gonna try.
  3. Hello, I am the founder of a newly founded airline, Starlit Airlines. This airline was named Starlit because I wanted to host only Afternoon - Mid Night flights! (JFYI, Starlit means "Only lighted by stars.") This group already have bunch of aircrafts including the Dreamliner (B787) but if you are curious where we are using all the money you put into us, here it is. - Advertising - Hiring Developers (Only airports) - Creating group roles on Roblox Group These are some where we plane to use your funds. Still not sure? To ensure you are having great time while inv
  4. Looking for developers who can work for free! You must have: -At least a month of experience -Knows how to make some stuff related to aviation -Does not need any pay -Just want to practice -Dedicated, and active This is an airline group, so that will mean you will have to constantly updating the game! Everything you make, you can take credit for. Multiple skills will have you better chance of getting chosen, even if this is for no price. Please reply as we just started! And of course, we are always looking for investors! My Discord Username
  5. In our community, any communities can look for Investors! Do not look for them in hiring servers just join our server and apply for needs of investment! Our staff will accept you to the Company or investor team! Also, even if you are an investor, join our server to browse investments available just like Amazon or eBay! Join now, and browse or look for Investors for your own company! We currently only have one deal, but I believe one day, we will get more investors and bigger community. Discord invite: https://discord.gg/Y6cdHxs
  6. btw the invite: https://discord.gg/xTxRyN3
  7. Hello! I got this amazing idea, where many aviation fans meet in this one group! And we will have a weekly event where we visit any of the RoAviation groups such as Sans International Airlines and maybe rate it! But to do that, I need funds, from you guys, investors! We currently only need 1000 Robux because we are only gonna make a group and make roles and advertise it a little bit! If you are very passionate about aviation, especially RoAviation, please contact me! I do need Co-Owners that is... -Passionate about aviation -Active -Can donate at least a bit (Not Mandatory)
  8. So, just join the Discord: https://discord.gg/TuQbMhz. And DM me for offers! Let's talk business!
  9. Yes, because we didn't start with a lot of Robux, but we worked on the games way too much to sell it for less than 3000 Robux. But I am not willing to sell the hotel itself, just the percentage. Just DM me.
  10. Yes, it is a fresh new business!!! I can take about R$500/percent. Our group will be on Discord. And if you think that price is too expansive, please talk to me. I am a very new businessman, and I am not that good at this. (But the minimum is 100/percent + 2000 Robux for Game Passes 33% sale if you want game passes.) Sorry for that, but here is the Discord: https://discord.gg/YySgHsr Just join and DM the founder which is me! Btw, if you still want, here is the group link: https://web.roblox.com/groups/6084932/Volcanic-Hotels#!/about
  11. Hello, investor! I am the founder of Volcanic Hotels. This hotel is very unique because it has amazing features such as beach, island, and volcano! Which kinda gives you a feeling of Hawaii!!! Don't worry, this is not a bad deal or a scam. We already have a full development team! We need investors like you to help us advertise and get better development team! We will have good ways to get money from! We have in total of 5 game passes which we will add more later on! They are: -Premium: 1000 Robux -VIP Commands: 250 Robux -Deluxe Room: 750 Robux -Suite room: 250
  12. Currently busy, but please contact Garodueng | EST#0491 to check if any developers are free. Sorry for inconvenience.
  13. Me and my team is very interested in this project! We have Scripter, GUI Maker/Builder, and me! Who is still learning, but very detailed. We are wanting at least 6.5K for our whole team. We will divide our income after you pay us. If you want to contact me, my Discord username and Tag is GARODUENG I EST#0491. Please contact me, we are currently in a bad situation on our main group. Thank you, Garodueng.
  14. We are builders. I am an apprentice of the another builder so I do expect less payment, but we still work together! I am a detailed builder, still learning. Osyrisa, who is my "Master" is an advanced builder with GUI skills. Friend me at GARODUENG | EST#0491.
  15. I am a builder and I think I can help! I friended you on Discord! And also the Discord invite through Roblox group has been expired. (My Discord username is GARODUENG | EST) (I didn't write tags because I don't want to get raided or something and I forgot to log in last time)
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