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  1. Hello I'm selling homestores for 200-1.5k. Dm me @XDGamerLover#0042 for more info!
  2. RyanGuy62


    Hello I'm selling a home-store for anything. This was my first homestore. Dm at XDGamerLover#0042 for more info.
  3. Contact for more info @ XDGamerLover#0042. This game is looking to be released in a month.
  4. Hello I'm looking for investors for a game that is gonna release soon. Contact me for more details @ XDGamerLover#0042 or XDGamerLover (Roblox).
  5. Hi your discord isn't working add me at XDGamerLover#0042 I'm a builder.
  6. Hi, I've been a builder for about a year now. I've done building, cafes, interior, exterior, etc. If you need a building lesson I charge 50 Robux for a 30-45 min. lesson. It has to be at least a day in advance. I do not do low poly. Thank you! XDGamerLover#0042
  7. How much revenue has it made?
  8. I request a friend request
  9. I'm looking for investors. I'm looking for any amount from them. And if you invest I will pay back what you've invested times two, and I will make a statue of your roblox character. Contact XDGamerLover#0042. Thank you!
  10. Hello I would be happy to build a homestore for you I have sent a request.
  11. Hello, I'm XD. I am building a spleef game that has different variations. Ex. dodgeball spleef, etc. I need a dev that is willing to work long term. I need a UI designer that can make simple UI's that look nice. I will pay 15% of games revue. Contact at XDGamerLover#0042. Your wage can be negotiated.
  12. 2. Your version is still public
  13. The UI's don't work on the game I bought.
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