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  1. Hey Neekh, would you mind DMing me on the discord, I'd like to talk to you...
    My discord is: RaduloDev#1111

  2. Please ignore the weird image at the end, I can't fix it.
  3. Let's say you were scammed on Hidden Developers but you do not know how to make a ticket for scam. Here in this post you will learn how you can make a scam ticket. [Step 1 - Go to #cmds channel] [Step 2 - Type in ",ticket"] [Step 3 - Check the bot's DMs and type "create"] [Step 4 - Type in "scam"] [Step 5 - Press on the or type "next"] [Step 6 - Type the scammer's ID] (If you don't know how to get a ID read this) [Step 7 - Type in "Done"] [Step 8 - Get the evidence of you getting scammed] [Step 9 -
  4. Hello! I am Neekh and i am selling GFX for a very affordable price. All though they take a long time I do it for my pleasure, If you want to know my works check the pictures I linked below. I sell for 25-50 robux per order (depends on how difficult it was). If you want to contact me DM me in Discord (Neekh#2551).
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