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  1. Hey there, when hiring a scripter like this, you need to provide more detail. You can't just say "I'm hiring a scripter to script me some things". You need to specify what you want us to script, what you expect from us, etc. Please make sure to do so.
  2. I mean, it would not make a big difference if we went like 6 - 9 years back in ROBLOX, because back then more people cared of having fun with development and not earning money; it was also that DevEx was not out back then. Today by the way, it would dissapoint almost 80% of developers because they care more of the money than having fun! To summarize: People care more of money than development More developers had fun for 6 - 9 years ago because DevEx was almost not out back then. There would be differences from years to years; so basically it would be a bigger difference in the future with development than now, and it's really been changing. Thank you for reading this post! Hope it helped! Sincerely, Ducksneedhelp
  3. So the latest years within ROBLOX development I have seen that more people are focusing on money more than having fun and doing the projects. Sometimes I understand you want money more to get rewarded for your hard work, but nowadays I see people who mainly just want robux, nitro, USD, etc. I see alot of graphics designers too claiming they can do GFX but when you get it, then it's just some picrew image. Then they usually charge you around 100 ROBUX which is a little of a scam to see, and very sad to see people get scammed on. I am NOT saying that everybody does that but some people do. I have a question for the rest of the community. Do you think everyone here cares more of the money than having fun?
  4. Can you also highlight some should have traits so we know, as I see alot of people just saying "Looking for a advanced scripter". I need more detail on what I should be strong of in scripting.
  5. Shouldn't you tell this in the marketplace section?
  6. Hey there, a question that I've had for a long time is a good age to start to learn scripting? Should you learn when you're old or young, etc.
  7. Hey there, a question that I've had for a long time is a good age to start to learn scripting? Should you learn when you're old or young, etc.
  8. Hey there, alot of my time when I want to hire a programmer, it's often been a problem that they either aren't experienced enough. How can I know if the scripter is reliable?
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