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  1. Discord: McThicc#2221 Roblox: Oldraelew What you're selling: I'm selling a fairly detailed and quick low poly building, original, has no interior and that's all I have to put. A showcase/model of what you're selling: https://www.roblox.com/games/5594451385/Building-studio-2?refPageId=e56321ee-d503-4c5a-ad50-ce7311d6219d Price: Around 500-600 R$
  2. https://hiddendevelopers.com/index.php?/topic/22825-hiring-builder-and-scripter-to-a-hangout-game/ have a look at the replies everyone
  3. just saying this was the same kid that said the tutorial game one two flee on the roblox learning plug in was his but he stole it
  4. Task: Once again like my last hiring post, this is not right away. Instead of being funded by a commission this is going to be funded by an investor. If you take up this task you will be required to make either a thumbnail, icon or advertisement, perhaps a even combination of that. Every asset will be provided for you by us. Images of our progress will be provided below, please contact me by discord: McThicc#2221. Payment: Only: 5,000 R$ will most likely be available The due date will be discussed on the time you are needed. - Arena
  5. i think it should be brought back with more restrictions/precautions
  6. Proposal: Add a rating system to developers on either the forums or discord, possibly even both. Maybe even put a bit of text with your writing, kind of like a review. Why: 1. You can maybe judge them off of their ratings. 2. You can give the honest and up-front perspective of your experience with them. 3. Many, many more reasons, put your honest opinion below. v
  7. Task: Firstly, This is not going to be right away, I am currently doing a building commission for around 6,000 to invest in this. As taking up this task you would probably be doing a combat system, store system and other stuff relating to the game. You have to be very experienced as I and the people working on this game have high expectations for it. Models, animations, UI or whatever you need will be provided for you to work along with a shared team create with one of our scripters. Images will be provided below. Please message me on my discord which is McThicc#2221 or you can find me in the
  8. bruh that is not 10k lol, also i'm not disrespecting the build. if you plan on selling it i would say you should say a estimate price to negotiate on
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