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  1. Hi, I have a game idea that involves guns. It's also round-based, so if you're interested and want more info please feel free to shoot me a message. Payment can be discussed, but i figured it'd be split 50/50 as this is a partner kind of job. PS since im the builder, I have already created a map and modeled guns.
  2. Hi, I'm just a developer who's pretty new to scripting and I've been searching for a way to use GetChildren. A lot of tutorials I've seen are really helpful but they only explain what it is, and I still don't know how to correctly put/use it in a script. If someone could please give me pointers in the right direction that would be great. Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm Knoxsify or Knoxyy and I am an advanced builder in studio. I have many cool ideas for games, but unfortunately I don't know many scripters. So I am looking for a scripter partner, someone who knows how to write roblox code and stuff, and who is willing to make games with me! Of course this is a longish term thing so payment will be money earned from the game and split 50/50.
  4. They look really nice. I would probably sell them for 600-800. If they have an interior, id say a little over 1,000.
  5. To be honest i dont have either but i prefer a playstation if i could choose
  6. itsKnoxyy


    Hello, if you are still looking, i'm interested. Here's my roblox profile: https://www.roblox.com/users/771211733/profile And discord: Knoxsify#0004 i can show you my work over discord
  7. I don't know about anyone else, but I always seem to have trouble thinking of a unique title or name for a game. And ok, ok, I get it, I may not be THAT creative, because this might be something only I can't do. Oop- Anyways, even if it was just a small map I always try so hard to think of a title and maybe I am trying too hard, but still. I was wondering what kind of words stand out in a name and I also was wondering what's a clever way to name a ROBLOX-type simulator without using the word 'simulator'?
  8. YEah i just don't like how the pictures throw you off and i just want a clear flat bottom picture, i get it wrong all the time. Also some of the pictures look cursed
  9. The fact that people say Jailbreak and Madcity are copying each other is kinda weird, considering there are tons of other (non roblox) games out there with similar ideas. So technically they copied the very first version of a crime city game..? I'm not even sure lol
  10. Definitely scripters and programmers, but sometimes (this may come as surprising) people spend so much time looking for scripters and builders they forget about artists and other side roles as well, until it's very late and you need to find one immediately. I don't know if other people have the same experience, but I definitely have needed a gfx artist last minute. And literally last minute.
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