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  1. Good to hear your feedback along with your concerns. If someone were to steal a Decal (GFX) from another person and claims it as their own with our insurance, it is required that they give us the perpetrators assets that was stolen from them, along with there original assets that they believe have been redistributed, or recopied without there consent. From there, our Accounting Team Agents will look at the dates they were both published and figure out which Decal (GFX) was the one first published on the ROBLOX website. In the future, we will train our Accounting Team Agents to use a reverse im
  2. If it is you're own Post/Topic the only way is to have an Moderator/Administrator take down your post/topic manually. The other option is to Delete Your Account by going into Settings. Other than that, there is no other way,
  3. Greetings, I have been working behind the scenes to hopefully bring a Insurance group to the roblox platform. Basically, we would have a Group Game Hub that would let users be able to purchase Insurance for there Roblox Account, Your Game(s) ,Your Group Assets and Group Games. Basically, if someone were to steal, copy, redistributed, or republish your original items you made without your consent you would be eligible for Robux for Financial Asset Loss Damages. Basically our Insurance Service group would insure there assets: Game Assets, Animations, Decal Assets, Audio Assets, Meshes, Models, P
  4. The airport itself, I wouldn't pay 5k for that, but if you made that gateway yourself, it is beautiful and the control settings are easy to use. The gateway technology is very advanced and high tech. Keep up the fantastic work! You also have a very detailed runway, You are an excellent builder.
  5. Ass can mean many different things, Donkeys, Extended Dictionaries Meanings, or the term MATURE users use that term for.
  6. Please understand hidden developers most likely would not be in existence if it wasn't for Roblox Developer Team adding to groups to the Roblox platform, Roblox is designed for kids of all ages, ages 1 to 99, With ROBLOX getting bigger (expanding) in population more kids from all over the world will want to play ROBLOX and join groups on ROBLOX, and maybe they want their voice to be heard with quick responsive messages from other users, while making it a fun, enjoyable, SFW (Safe-for-Work) platform. ANyone can become a developer no matter how terrible, unspeakably bad or hard to watch for them
  7. Isn't the only reason people get banned from the HD discord if they violate rules? Now, that just make no sense to me.
  8. 1. Accuse [3] People of doing stuff then posting it on the site (you can find because they claim it is not deleted, it is hidden). 2. Inappropriate words (since they claim the discord channel must be SFW (Safe for work)). 3. (Can't remember)
  9. I wa banned on HD for a few months now, finding out I had "done some stuff", realizing what I had done would get me banned, Vote for ban appeal on Rylie2377. Unban me from the discord server, Kestoura#8452
  10. Chill with the WYR polls LMAO. Maybe once every 1 or 2 days but twice a day, is a bit over the edge.
  11. @HeadlessHorror Why are you judging users based on their avatar look? Not everybody on roblox.com is rich or has robux, at least check if they are in other groups first rather than just doing that, all shade towards you right now.
  12. and the title "The day we noticed" sounds like 9/11 happened. Not to offend anyone however to me and based on my opinion, it does.
  13. Link to proof: prntscr.com/g2rdas My forum post: http://www.hiddendevelopers.com/index.php?/topic/219-what-happened-on-71317/
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