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  1. I am making a game where I will need throwable weapons, and I was just wondering what I would need to do that. Would TweenService / animations work? What I mean specifically is weapons that players can have as an inventory tool, in which they can aim and throw by left clicking. The weapon should still stay in their inventory so they can throw as many as they want. All help appreciated
  2. I believe it doesn't matter at what age you start, but starting earlier has obvious benefits (more time to learn). Though generally you can understand many more concepts more easily and incorporate mathematics related stuff, the older you are.
  3. I have a Roblox game currently in development with a strange bug, and I need someone to help me solve it. It is to do with body parts teleporting on player death. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uh57GQjMkI0&feature=youtu.be (Video of bug occurring, more bug details in description) https://www.roblox.com/games/5556213803/gametesting-backup (Game link) What I need is someone who can successfully solve this bug and report back on what they did to fix it, and what the issue was. Payment for this task will be $5 USD (as it should be simple for an experienced scripter to solve) an
  4. I am, I'll add you to the testing. Thanks a lot Btw I edited the game link, as I had to move it to a place of my own instead of group owned in order to team create.
  5. I am, I'll add you to the testing! Thanks
  6. So my game currently in development has some strange bugs, which I cannot figure out how to fix personally. There's some peculiar behaviour in avatar body parts when the player dies, including teleportation and things breaking... Would anyone be willing to take a look in the studio for possible errors? All help appreciated (Please comment Roblox username below and I can allow edit access.) https://www.roblox.com/games/5556213803/bricktesting-backup - Game link The actual game is nothing yet, this is just a scripting prototype for how the round cycle will go. There are 3 maps and
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