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  1. I'll remember you. I swear to God I will.
  2. I've posted something like this before, but that post wasn't as well developed as I wanted it to be (shoutout to @FrenchFrazier) Where do I start? I've completed the scripting tutorials, and I know the basics. Where do I go from there? I'm currently trying to build a portfolio but I can't tell if I'm rushing or not. I'm used to a teacher telling me what to do and when. I know that hidden developers can't do that but I'm looking for tips? Where should I start (scripting kill parts)? And where should I be (~data stores?)? Thank you for reading.
  3. Clains and Guilds currently has 19 total posts...
  4. No, I don't choose other. I chose 'Group funds' for all of them because that's what they were made for. There are built-in percentages and easier ways to manage your money without opening up mulitple tabs. None of these are useful when sending money to strangers, vice versa.
  5. I actually thought of implementing this into my future game products. Glad to hear I'm not the only one concerned about this issue.
  6. I personally wouldn't hire you. Your post is disorganized, has poor grammar, and doesn't show any evidence of what you're saying is true. You can look at the Roblox DevForum of what a good portfolio looks like. TheDevKing has a video on this too.
  7. You may also find results in posting in Roblox Discord servers. You may have also noticed a couple of moderator recommended games on the homepage.
  8. Johnapolitan

    Red Guards

    This post would do better if you posted it in Marketplace > Hiring.
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