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  1. Hello, I am not gonna lie: for such a job... it's way too expensive! Consider lowering the prices since it's not worth it. Have a great day!
  2. BonsaiTree


    Hello, I am glad you feel ready for this job, hope you'll be successful I just wanted to tell you to consider the idea to make a Discord account so you could chat with anyone here, and make it easier for customers to contact you! Have a great day!
  3. Hello. My Discord username is Bonsai#6876. Can you add me, since it says you do not accept friend requests?
  4. Hello, I'd like to work with you! Here my Discord: Bonsai#6876
  5. Hello I am Bonsai, a builder, ROBLOX Lua scripter and UI designer from over a year. How much will this offer be still avaible? I can't start developing till the 12 of September since I have much work to finish! In case you're interested, contact me on Discord: Bonsai#6876. Have a good day.
  6. Hello, I am Bonsai, a Jr. Lua scripter. So far I have learnt many things and I retain myself a medium-level scripter. I'd like if someone hired me since I need a portfolio. You may pay me depending on how good I worked. I am really sorry if I posted this message in the wrong category! Thanks and have a good day.
  7. Sorry, this is NOT the right category where to publish such request. Please delete this post, thanks.
  8. Sorry, this is the wrong category. Here you can't publish these types of requests since this category is purposed ONLY for asking for someone.
  9. Wrong category. Please delete this post since you are trying to sell your work not not hiring someone.
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