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  1. I am looking for someone who would like to start a group with me, that is centered around showcases! I have been building and modelling for a few months and I thought it would be fun to set up a non-serious group to post my builds. I am not a great builder, but it's something I enjoy. I can't really think of what else to post on here, so any questions are fine! If you are interested you can message me on the Dev Forum or here. My Roblox username is Antiquity_Spy.
  2. Hello! I recently started a new YT channel centered around Roblox showcases. My idea is to go around showcases of any skill level or design and make videos about them. I feel like they are underrated on Roblox simply because there’s no game element. I love video editing and showcases, so why not combine the two? I am looking to get people’s permission to video their projects. The only problem is copyrighted audio, so chances are you’ll probably have to remove the audio for a few minutes (though you might not have to as I can turn the volume down). You can contact me on the
  3. We have a small amount of our own funds, but it's not a lot
  4. The myth is based in an English 1930s boarding school. There is a labyrinth constructed by a 14th century plague victim, underneath the school that the pupils get sent to as punishment. The main protagonists are the five children. Other characters include the teachers and ghosts. We are still developing the main story, but this probably gives you a rough idea. ________________________________________________________ We're looking for someone who would be interested in building the school for us. We're looking for a detailed building style. Currently we have little robu
  5. Hello! Me and three friends decided to start our own myth (we're all pretty quirky), set in a 1930s boarding school, with a dark past. I can explain the whole story if needed. I thought I'd take a gamble and see if anyone would like to invest in our group, though I know the probability of someone being interested is low. We're currently developing our Myth game, and we're hoping to release it by Christmas time. Anyone who helped us would become a myth in our group and receive a large percentage of revenue. I know it's a pretty pathetic offer, I'm sorry. The Robux would be
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