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  1. Working on monday.com will be simple; don't worry.
  2. Still no responses! Jobs still open. Feel free to apply!
  3. And what do you mean by screen share? Record? My PC Is trash It be lagyyy when It record
  4. I'm starting to work on It right now, Actually.
  5. But, I require payment first. And I have a good reputation so I guarantee that I won't scam you. I'm trusted!
  6. I can do It! Discord: Hydrinated#1669
  7. And, Someone spammed my rep lol
  8. Of Course! A APPLE! I have 1 apple a day. (Sometimes 2)
  9. Bruh you know i have like 16 good rep so you wont effect me by downvoting...
  10. You sound like a scammer! 6 negative likes? VERY Poor.
  11. Please read the full post!
  12. *I would show the logo here but It won't let me add Image* Hello! Playlist Is hiring skilled developers! --ABOUT PLAYLIST-- Playlist Is a roblox game system, The first. We have a website and we Manage Team things through monday.com. Image: Our website: (Not Done Yet) --MUST HAVE Discord A Email And must be 13+ --TRAITS TO HAVE Kindness Courage Integrity --NICE TO HAVE TRAITS Kindness Respect Integrity Courage Honesty --WE'RE HIRING PlayHelp Team - Answer any questions pla
  13. Why you do that to me

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