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  1. I uhm, started when I was 8... Generally I think you should just dive head first into it and figure things out on the way, no need to go weak.
  2. An example for this would be getting children through "for i,v" if you know what that is, heres and example: Of course you wouldn't do that but its just an example, GetChildren simply gets all that you can see under the path you reference, for example If I do game.Workspace:GetChildren() on a entirely new map, that would return a table of local table = { Terrain, Baseplate, Camera } By putting that in a "for i,v" you can sort of expand the table, be noted though, a "for i,v" goes through the entire table repeating the action.
  3. If you're still up and looking for scripting partners, I'm not quite sure about the long term thing, but we can make it work I'm sure, I'll send you a friend request, or you can send me one.
  4. I kind of agree its their fault however, the way you said it sounded extremely sarcastic, and its a sensitive topic that shouldn't be talked about, and now the way you're talking? "I will be bringing in a lawsuit" you can't sue them for doing their job, and you're just acting immature, grow up.
  5. I need 1 builder and 1 gfx artist if you're willing to accept, your payment if you do accept is via direct group funds or percentage The requirements is to atleast have some sort of past work you can display (via dms if you dont want it leaked) and competence KѦГѦSЦ#0001 (646131241372090423) The game topic(genre) is, Cult (Please dont be thrown off it isn't entirely myStErY or some crap)
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