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  1. Currently not possible to send friend requests from a custom player list, only the Roblox player list.
  2. If they don't know the URL, that lowers the risk
  3. Random terrain or cloud generation is all I can really think of.
  4. Why are all these other applications being reviewed and accepted or declined, but all scripting applications are seemingly ignored? Just curious.
  5. I did it because I wanted to make games for fun.
  6. Oh, I have it hooked up to a SQL server, but that might work as well, and probably help out by allowing me to spread it over multiple servers more easily.
  7. Hi @SamuelHemsworth, I just want to get a feel for how many people would actually use it.
  8. Would anyone use a custom datastore service that allows you to share data between games in different universes and between games owned by different users? I want to know if I should release it or not.
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