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  1. Contact Information Discord - Devi_senpai#0904 Twitter - dont have one Roblox - nekos_maids What you're Selling:i am selling afew models from a old project i was apart of with a bunch of mesh parts along side it https://gyazo.com/fe3c3a8bdd1f7eb8bab8d4eac4107416 link to game to check it out: https://www.roblox.com/games/2900020378/Dev-senpaiis-Place-Number-12 Price: I'm selling this for 500+ robux or you can pick a price in my dms
  2. I am selling some models from a project i was in (i got perms from the owner of it) Discord: Devi_senpai#0409 roblox is dev_senpaii Ill let you name a price in my dms on roblox or discord. images of the model's are here : https://gyazo.com/88bf4ce075848e168c9e0a1a593811f3 https://gyazo.com/b05b26bc957703bb43ea7ac6d1f4064e
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