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  1. Greetings, I have recently designed and scripted a radio that allows emergency services to communicate with. Prices are negotiable, and it shouldn't be too much. Also, you may tell me anything you want me to change about it and other stuff. CONTACT ME VIA DISCORD: i like crisps#0001 TEST THE RADIO HERE: RadioTesting - Roblox
  2. i can do it, what is ur discord user and tag
  3. INTRODUCTION Hello, I am an experienced roblox scripter and am available to script your cafe foods for you. I can make the recipes however you want, and you must have the models already made. You also must have the menu, as well as recipe list ready for me to read. Once this is done, I shall begin scripting your cafe for you. CONTACT ME To contact me, please DM me on discord: i like crisps#0001 PRICES It depends how much there is for me to script, Minimum of R$250. If there is way less for me to script, the prices shall be lowered. PAST WORK You can take a lo
  4. Contact Information Discord - Copsi5590#9523 What I am selling I am selling ELS light systems. You can choose how many patterns you want, and they will be activated when you press a button on a GUI. Examples: https://streamable.com/tbe6rf (Again, please remember I will script it, so that it turns on when you press a GUI button, and patterns are completely customizable to your liking.) Prices: R$250 for 3 patterns.
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