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  1. hey! I would like to buy this homestore! I don't have any robux, but I can give you percentage. Please inform me if that is acceptable or not.
  2. Hey! I can make a suit for you for 25 - 50 robux. Message me back.
  3. About Me Hi! My name is LicenceNumber and I'm a clothing designer! I make suits and hoodies! I am currently not making hoodies, but I am making suits! Information I can make suits for you in about 3 hours. I am looking to work long-term. You will also have to give me credit in the description of the shirt. By the way, I do not have premium so I will give you the template, and you will upload it. Showcase https://ibb.co/sjx18hX https://ibb.co/z8vmL4s https://ibb.co/pZtD9H5 Contact Me Twitter - @NumberLicence Roblox - LicenceNumber On
  4. I'm looking for a clothing uploader. Contact Information Twitter - @NumberLicence Roblox - LicenceNumber On here - LicenceNumber Send me a message! Task: Looking for a trusted clothing uploader to upload my clothing. Payment - 5% of the group funds. Please contact me as soon as possible.
  5. Hi! I'm LicenceNumber and I'm a clothing group owner! Contact Information Twitter: - @NumberLicence Roblox: - LicenceNumber Task: Looking for an investor to invest in the group Payment: Depends on how much you are investing. For example, if you were to invest 1K Robux, you would get 15%. Due Date: No Due Date.
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