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  1. It depends on how you want to create something. You could also search on the DevForums (13+) and see many answers for this (just recommended). I personally use F3X and Studio Tools as both are good.
  2. Hello there. Go on the DevForums (13+) and go to https://devforum.roblox.com/g/Mod_Review_Requests. Send them a message and ask them why your ad was ejected. Also send a photo of your ad and proof. Hope this helps!
  3. For the people who hate the fact you need to be 13 Hi everyone. Please don't swear here. It's boring legalease. If you are below 13 you can't. It's because of the COPPA law. Roblox DevForums allow you to talk with strangers without parents permission, and that is against the law. You need to be 13+ I know it sucks but, just fake your account age. Done. Roblox is over-exaggeratedly strict with users under 13. Sorry Guests, but no.
  4. Just joined this great community! I hope to have a wonderful time here.

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