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  1. i'm a myth now, yay but i have a studio called Magic Cat..and it has a moderation group and a development side group. you can dm me on here or add my snapchat (@aidan_0987)
  2. Names: B̸̥͛l̶̙̜̲̥̺̒ả̴̧͇̯̳̻̺̀̅c̴̡̬̞̹̥̣̯̓̇̃̑́͗k̶̺̙͍̬̯̫̜̎̌̀̅̃̆ and W̸͉̉͜h̷͈͚̞̎̆͒͝i̵̢̧̧̛̲̯̻͋t̵̡̳̼͕̣̋͂͒͗e̸̗̤̮̠̹̫͋̃̃ About W̸͉̉͜h̷͈͚̞̎̆͒͝i̵̢̧̧̛̲̯̻͋t̵̡̳̼͕̣̋͂͒͗e̸̗̤̮̠̹̫͋̃̃: After being summoned by 7, the servant, he was told his "brother" would be joining him. he was quite awkward, till Black came in. He is supposed to resemble a 12 year old child, when on the inside, is a demon at age 3260 About B̸̥͛l̶̙̜̲̥̺̒ả̴̧͇̯̳̻̺̀̅c̴̡̬̞̹̥̣̯̓̇̃̑́͗k̶̺̙͍̬̯̫̜̎̌̀̅̃̆ : After being summoned, he opened a rip in the atmosphere, he was quite the man. Bold but not able to fulfill. Funny enough, he is supposed to
  3. Salutations, I am cal_thecat and I'll gladly join you as a Builder, GUI and GFX Designer, Music Composer, and Minor Programmer. My snapchat: aidan_0987 My Email: [email protected] All of my roblox work will be the links. My soundcloud will also be posted here: https://web.roblox.com/games/5907428060/Sword-Fights-on-the-Heights-DUELS https://web.roblox.com/games/5898352283/a-game-to-play-my-minigames-on https://web.roblox.com/games/5875701623/a-game-to-chill-to https://web.roblox.com/games/5777802980/a-game-where-you-question-sanity https://web.roblox.com/games/576460
  4. My studio Magic Cat Studios is in need of scripters and builders. We have 1 scripter and 1 builder (Me). If you'd like to apply, please add this snapchat or email me personally My snapchat: aidan_0987 My email: [email protected]
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