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  1. @K1NGDeveloper same here. I don't use dizzy, but add my ROBLOX lostrxgrets and i'll see some of your creations.
  2. @Biofuse you can apply on there. there is no dizzy, and we will proceed to not use dizzy.
  3. Hello! Welcome back. We are hiring Moderators and Developers again. And we need them fast. I'd suggest visiting our website for more infomation: Magic Cat Studios Website
  4. Hello fellow developers, I am inviting Scripter and GUI designers to help me out with a game called Snow Market, a RP about a market in Westmore. You can message me on here for contact, or add my snapchat (aidan_0987) or email me ([email protected]). More info: + 25% Of Revenue + Revenue is earned post-development by gamepasses + GUI is needed for buying things, and for different things as an outfit picker and shop items. + Scripting needed for the GUI to work. + I am a Music Composer and Builder Any racism, sexist behaviors, or any other harassing will not
  5. Hey, it's Maddie, And what the hell happened to HeadlessHorror? We have lost the owner of Hidden Developers and now the groups are ruled by 0_p and some other guy. We've literally been screwed by headless. My point is, is that now we have a default ruling hidden developers. We need some type of actions against that. This guy can do: Reset everybody's ranks Get rid of mods (e.g gerald ) We need to do something against this, sow e don't have random people ruling this group, - Maddie
  6. I think 3DS' are better in some aspects.
  7. So I have more skills in developing, but my two main skills are Music Composing and Building. I have a decent skillset in Animation, Voice Acting, Clothing Design, and GFX. My price ranges: GFX Game Logo: 5 - 10 Robux GFX Thumbnail: 5 - 20 Robux depending on what the game is. Shirt: 3 - 5 Robux Pants: 3-5 Robux Building (Town, Building): Town, 100 - 1k, Building: Free Music Composing: Really depends on how big the music file is Gun Animation: Assault Rifles: 5 Robux, SMG: 3 Robux, RPG: 3 Robux I hope these prices are okay. If anybody has suggestions for prices, I'll add
  8. The ROBLOX Game Fallen Hero I (WIP) Update Logs This will be used more often when development is complete.
  9. So, I am a modeler, builder, and music composer, looking for a scripter for a campaign called Fallen Hero. I can attach a lore to the game to understand the entire thing. I'd suggest reading that first before applying. The requirements: + A background of scripting + Some type of information sheet Lore: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O8Lo9TWTyR1hFHZ5YnuMoGNR5Sc4T5DJK4cDHZKvlno/edit?usp=sharing My ROBLOX profile: https://web.roblox.com/users/270435378/profile My music album cover and other images are in the media links.
  10. i'm a myth now, yay but i have a studio called Magic Cat..and it has a moderation group and a development side group. you can dm me on here or add my snapchat (@aidan_0987)
  11. Names: B̸̥͛l̶̙̜̲̥̺̒ả̴̧͇̯̳̻̺̀̅c̴̡̬̞̹̥̣̯̓̇̃̑́͗k̶̺̙͍̬̯̫̜̎̌̀̅̃̆ and W̸͉̉͜h̷͈͚̞̎̆͒͝i̵̢̧̧̛̲̯̻͋t̵̡̳̼͕̣̋͂͒͗e̸̗̤̮̠̹̫͋̃̃ About W̸͉̉͜h̷͈͚̞̎̆͒͝i̵̢̧̧̛̲̯̻͋t̵̡̳̼͕̣̋͂͒͗e̸̗̤̮̠̹̫͋̃̃: After being summoned by 7, the servant, he was told his "brother" would be joining him. he was quite awkward, till Black came in. He is supposed to resemble a 12 year old child, when on the inside, is a demon at age 3260 About B̸̥͛l̶̙̜̲̥̺̒ả̴̧͇̯̳̻̺̀̅c̴̡̬̞̹̥̣̯̓̇̃̑́͗k̶̺̙͍̬̯̫̜̎̌̀̅̃̆ : After being summoned, he opened a rip in the atmosphere, he was quite the man. Bold but not able to fulfill. Funny enough, he is supposed to
  12. Salutations, I am cal_thecat and I'll gladly join you as a Builder, GUI and GFX Designer, Music Composer, and Minor Programmer. My snapchat: aidan_0987 My Email: [email protected] All of my roblox work will be the links. My soundcloud will also be posted here: https://web.roblox.com/games/5907428060/Sword-Fights-on-the-Heights-DUELS https://web.roblox.com/games/5898352283/a-game-to-play-my-minigames-on https://web.roblox.com/games/5875701623/a-game-to-chill-to https://web.roblox.com/games/5777802980/a-game-where-you-question-sanity https://web.roblox.com/games/576460
  13. My studio Magic Cat Studios is in need of scripters and builders. We have 1 scripter and 1 builder (Me). If you'd like to apply, please add this snapchat or email me personally My snapchat: aidan_0987 My email: [email protected]
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