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  1. Already Added ya I’m NoobLordBrudda, I’m an experienced modeler and am lookin for a long term job.
  2. You read the title, discord: NoobLordBrudda#3118 PM/Friend me
  3. I’m semi experienced but can get the job done as long as there’s no pressure, not lookin to cash out on big robux I just wanna model. Discord: NoobLordBrudda#3118 PM me if you in the hidden devs discord Friend me instead if you are not in the discord
  4. Oi Josuke! I’m a 3D modeler that is looking for a long term job! I can make a single stand in 1-2 days and a spec on 1 day! My discord is NoobLordBrudda#3118, I have sent you a friend req.
  5. i can only work on friday staurday and sunday, hit me up my discord is NoobLordBrudda#3118
  6. hey im a modeler! heres an example of my the world helmet (added you im nooblordbrudda) https://gyazo.com/745123f8c412f21dca7f3e4e7e3c9d95
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