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  1. I've used Bézier Curves in the past to make a realistic trajectory. If that's too much, then use a BodyVelocity. Best of luck, Darth
  2. Hey RuukasuDev, First of all, your script is getting the stringvalue object, not its value. So make sure to fix that or it won't work. Try these steps below to solve your error if you still have it. 1 - Is your script a localscript? Otherwise you will not be able to use LocalPlayer 2 - Try to set LocalPlayer up as a variable at the start of the script. 3 - If that still doesn't work use game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer:WaitForChild("leaderstats"):WaitForChild("Rank).Value If that still doesn't work then Shrek is my middle name. Best of luck, Darth
  3. Hey Nehoray, Making A.I is always complicated. Even more so on Roblox. But it's certainly possible, and it's been done with self driving cars and chatbots. You can start with Kironte's Neural Network 2.0. Best of luck, Darth
  4. The younger you are when you start, in my opinion, the better you'll be when you grow older. Obviously there are many amazing programmers out there that started as teens or even adults. Remember - the older you are, the easier it will be to think logically (why 12 y.o's aren't taking over the programming world)
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