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  1. There isn't really a reason other than ease of editing, other admins are harder to edit, add onto and extend to your games needs while Mirror Panel is designed to be simple (and cant be complex because I'm not a great scripter). The only valid reason to use it over others is simplicity. The other benefit over other admin systems is integration with WCS (windward Content Services), An ecosystem containing, A dev forum, Advertising system, Discord Bot and other Roblox/developer features, systems, Moderation/Security/Anti-Exploit system and more. WCS will release around the beginning of 2022 howe
  2. Hey, I can do more advanced guis if you would like, Im trying to get my rep up so im cheaper than others. Accept Bred#5053 please
  3. So im working on a new admin system called "mirror panel", Im not a great scripter, Its more of a text so im open-sourcing it (free to use without credit - No claiming its yours though) Some features : Plugin system (limited to four plugins), Secured locally (If a user isnt on the admin list the system will delete itself locally), About 25 built in "tools" Tool system instead of commands (simpler to edit) The "console" (Run scripts locally) Planned features : Animated Tweening Improved plugin system (no limits) Update system
  4. Bred

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    Investor found.
  5. Hello, I'm for hire now :D, I specialize in particles and minimal ui's however I can build smaller maps and buildings for them. I'm not looking to do any large projects building wise but I'm up for some ui challenges. I can script but I'm not efficient or very good at it so I'm not scripting separately from my uis or particles. Roblox : jwtemp Discord : delta m #5053
  6. I'm up for hiring, I can do very basic builds to mid tier, my main ability is environments (examples below) I am also a UI designer (examples also below) Discord : Delta M#5053 Roblox : jwtemp in other words i can design the ui, particles and lighting.
  7. Is this still open? I'm a builder. I can do semi-realistic and more Roblox/cartoonish builds. Most of my work is private however there are a few builds and tricks I use on my commissions post. I would accept 5% of group funds for however long I work for the game and a direct payment of 200-robux. I like building mysterious things such as my demo. my Roblox username : jwtemp my discord username : Delta M#5053 Here are some links to demos and games I have made. (recent stuff) FLOAT - a demo - Roblox (made in 30 mins with my library of assets) Nevada star taxi service (AL
  8. Bred


    I'm pretty sure this belongs in selling. Nice UI designs though.
  9. I own a second gen animal crossing switch and a first gen red and teal switch. you cant destroy Nintendo hardware no matter how hard you try, the switch is built like a tank. So reliability wise Nintendo at the end of the day is the best. especially since you can play so many high quality games on the go and on tv. But the question was Xbox vs PlayStation, Xbox is far better as the first batch of ps4's had horrible quality control (mine had unscrewed parts and metal shavings on the inside when I got it) My OG Xbox one, one s and brothers one x are all really fine tuned to be as cheap as possib
  10. Mini portfolio thingy: I know my portfolio is pretty small, I get anxiety about sharing my work and having it stolen or people not liking it. Most of my games are private in my account or saved to my old pc for safe keeping. here are the few examples I will share as they are made of mostly modified (for copyright reasons) quixel (scanned models with really good textures) assets that anyone can find and edit. If I do well I'm going to start a PayPal for this but until then its robux only (ill accept Roblox's market place fee) I can build in a more cartoony style (I'm working
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