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    Hey, I am making a game, very much like Jailbreak and Mad City and I would like someone who; 1) Does not need payment for scripts 2) An excellent scripter 3) Is a loyal friend I basically want someone who does not do this for money and will be my loyal buddy so we can be successful together. If you try to get me to cough you up some money, it wont happen, I can promise that. I will only let you have money if you make the game without payment and by the time it is completed, I will pay you about R$600 if it is successful. I may pay you more if it's extra
  2. I can help you create a rig and animation that the rig might need. I can do realistic rigs, pixilated rigs, stuff like that with Blender. I have much experience with Blender, too, so I get the idea. If you don't want my help, it's fine. Hope I could, though!
  3. I will help you if you'd like! I created the logo for Strucid and BloxHunt, so I am pretty good for these types of things!
  4. I need help creating this game called Cyber Uranium(Might change it), and I need it to be close to Jailbreak and Mad City. The games are the ones I want mine to be like. I have 2 options for help; Comment your Roblox username so we can be successful together and be friends without a payment OR Comment your Roblox username and I will ad you and I will have a $0.30 payment for each script you write. My username is JayW080! So if you'd like to add me to either be friends or just for the
  5. I can add you! I used to work for the person who created Strucid and the person who created BloxHunt! My username is; JayW080 Hope I can help!
  6. I've done this. it is in the Roblox Developer Hub and it is very easy. If someone need to, go to the Developer Hub because that way is a lot simpler than changing a model
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