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  1. Do you have any possible examples of what your'e looking for specifically? Along with that, try to post contact information so people who'd be interested can reach out to you.
  2. Though I do get your concern with there not being a role already, many people don't see it as a necessary skill or role to have here considering two things: A) There's no way to prove that a specific person wrote it B) Though important, its not a very "popularly known" skill to have, compared to building, scripting, designing, etc. Its a skill that a lot of people can do, and most of the time the game owner writes it.
  3. According to the Developer Forum Itself "To Join, all you need to do is start using the Developer Forum as a development resource! After enough browsing and reading, you will be automatically leveled up, and then you can start making posts on the forum yourself." Which basically just means, remain active as much as you can on the forum, interact with posts as much as possible and eventually you will have posting access. I know you said you've met every requirement, though you might not have as well, you must level up to begin posting which is explained here: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/how-t
  4. As a Member of this Community I can confirm that it is highly helpful & ive seen many different people join for either work or assets.
  5. Greetings HD members! I'm Jonathan_Avante. I'm currently leading an MMC of 1.3k members and about 180 discord members. Our main focus is to gain a well deserved name for the members of our community and allow the same members to gain more experience within the military community of ROBLOX! Were actively recruiting members to join our clan and help grow our activity, maybe even show us some of your skill! The more you're active, and the more you show your skill the further you can go up in our ranks. If you're interested in joining our clan, the links are below, for more questions contact me on
  6. Not trying to chose sides here, but you could've easily saved this over an old game of yours and renamed it just to sell it and make it look older, the past edits could also be of either that game or you editing the club later on.
  7. Contact Information: Discord - @Jonny#9587 Twitter - @PortugueseArmy Roblox - Jonathan_Avante What you're Selling: Version 1 Trampoline Park from a group I owned on my old account (JxnnyAvante) that is well scripted and well built, and had nearly 1.5k members. A Showcase/Model of What You're Selling: https://www.roblox.com/games/5144523167/WINTER-Jump-Rush-Trampoline-Park Price: I'm selling this for 7500 - 10000 Robux - Negotiable What you're Selling: An event center from the same group as aboce(JxnnyAvante) that is well scrip
  8. Could you possibly provide more information about the specific project you're looking to recruit people for? I would recommend providing the following information - What you're looking to get help on specifically - How much you consider "Little to No Pay" - Image Examples of what you need. Providing these details can help us developers at least know what youre looking for us to do, and then allowing us to decide if we want to join the project or not.
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