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  1. To your point on number 1, simply just push all ratings through this website, or through some form of rating system that cannot be botted easily. To monitor botting, just log each rating to a user, and if 1 user starts getting a lot of ratings all at once, lock their rating and investigate. As a developer though, this is an excellent idea!
  2. Going to be honest, This does not sound like a useful role. Anyone worth their salt is programming bots for Roblox in JavaScript due to its easy integration with everything else. Rust might be the "most loved" language but it does not make it the most used or the most popular, and as such does not at least for me, warrant a role for it. (Speaking for a bit of experience here, as I program in lua, php, java and Javascript).
  3. Contact Information Discord - Conmmander#9105 Twitter - https://twitter.com/ConmmanderRBX Roblox - Conmmander What you're Selling: Selling this amazing model. A Showcase/Model of What You're Selling: https://www.roblox.com/games/2551901444/Conmmanders-Place-Number-79 Price: I'm selling this for 6000 robux (after roblox tax) or $5 USD. Feel free to request a demo. I am selling it as is.
  4. Task:I need these UI elements remade: I also need two new UI elements. One for crates, and an intro UI that has space for a blank image. (I'll be putting a spritesheet there). All of these need to fit the theme of a low poly, fun style. The idea is to also feel somewhat like you're mining.Payment:2k to 3.5k robux. Will change based on quality of work.Due date: (DD/MM/YY)Not a definitive date. Whoever takes this on should be willing to try to finish it as soon as they can however.
  5. That sucks. I seems to me like he took advantage of the fact that you trusted him. (There is a reason I insert killing mechanisms into all my scripts just in case)
  6. Looks good! I personally do not use C++ but I am sure others will find use of this.
  7. I recommend just using google sheets as it is easy to view and edit, as well as has infinate storage capabilties. Not only that but if someone attempts to hack it, you can easily revert the data.
  8. How do we get our models showcased? The changes sound awesome! Looking forward to a great rest of the year!
  9. I could take is head off, I don't like breakjoints since its dull.
  10. Oh noes! I'll script off you now! game.Workspace.Rylie2377.Head:Destroy()
  11. I'd like to sign up! What is your roblox username? Or at least a link to your profile so I can friend you?
  12. That is absolutely amazing! Nice work all who entered.
  13. I use this all the time. There is an entire forum post on roblox on how to connect your game to a google sheets database. Keep in mind you are only scratching the surface because with a few simple edits you could add on not just a key and value but key value value2 and value3. I would definitely recommend this to you if you have the resources.
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