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  1. Haha yep, I changed my tag, it is now Erythia#0001
  2. Here is the finished product, I go over a few of the important bits in a red highlighted/circled image In this scene, the primary focus is the water. What we do to highlight this is encircle it with unique lighting and particle effects. Overall, this gives the scene more life and the feeling of an active scene. A dim fog particle effect lays on top of the water, to give it a mysterious tone. The logs in the front are meshes, rather than your normal blocks, with a fire containing two different particles. We can see dimly lit fir trees of large sizes, and they become small towards the back of the scene. This creates an illusion that they are far off in the distance. Finally, the back wall of this scene is a blue part with a few areas of light which create the moon, and a blue hue in the backdrop. I then added fireflies to the right, stars all over the sky, and a slowly moving and ever-changing nebula towards the top of the screen. This was created in this box here, this eliminates all light (as this game changes from day/night) I had to make sure that during the day, it would maintain the same appearance. Creating a box around the scene also allows me to have more control over the lighting in a smaller space. A tip for using particle effects -- when using fireflies, stars, or nebula, make sure that part covers a decent area! This will end up with a product ranging in a variety of different locations, leaving the player guessing where the next Firefly/star will be located! I hope this helped anyone who is interested in creating menus with smooth terrain scenery! Please leave any questions below, I may have left out an important detail and do not realize it.
  3. Legend, with many talents. :D:D

    1. Erythia


      😆😆 aw thanks lumi

  4. I would venture to say 500+ robux, it seems that you did put a lot of time into them and they both look very realistic I might even venture to say around the 1,000 mark haha
  5. Another way you can get around part count is unioning, or you can import a model to blender and export it back to Roblox, I've done this a few times but it's slightly more advanced. Seeing the full build is really nice, looks great!
  6. Add a picture of the entire build, scrolled out a bit so I can pinpoint the location of the specific pictures haha. I do appreciate the use of textures in the build, and though there isn't much detail I think it is a very simplistic and nice build. I would add particle effects or dynamic lighting though to make it look more interesting.
  7. This is a build for a game I'm working on Tree leaves will shift as if in the wind, and the fire's light will flicker. The starts, fireflies, and flames are all particle effects. I think it is finished, as it is more of a simple scene. I am debating whether to make the wood of the fire unioned, chiseling them down a bit perhaps. https://gyazo.com/cdb971a5291c37cf5987cc10dd43a566
  8. Roblox, it allows us to do so much and be creative, show the roblox world our imagination
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