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  1. If you say jif you have broke all laws of the internet
  2. Do you all think it will be fine having the roblox forum topics in here, I think its cool How you find my invisible text noob
  3. little boy let me explain , coming at you with super sonic speed, (its so fast the text is invisible) Roblox is a kid friendly platform where you either play games/ create games , like bruh obviously play games who has time to make games when you can play them and spend your ruhbuck on gamepasses that give you a boombox to play music in a game like bruh
  4. Ahaha all yall costumes are yourself while i went as a.... (highlight to find out) super secret invisible ink
  5. It's sad how these harmless babies who raised me when i lost my parents is now vaporized from roblox universe. Now i no longer see any harmless guest running around watching walls and eating pizza. **HIGHLIGHT BELOW ME FOR SECRET CODE** rip these cute harmless creatures CRY CRY WaH WAH tbh theyare really harmless thoooo they dont do you anything but eh they still harmless damn how many times i said that
  6. i started from small, i started by building items in my house then medium sized builds aswell then onto larger builds :>
  7. kewtey

    100th Post Lua

    How is Lua pronounced like i always say L-u-A
  8. ill eat a 5 month old cheese burger because ill have diarrhea and i wont have to go to school and get an eduaction and get a job to earn 100 dollars in my ban- oh heck
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