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  1. I think it's your choice Cannon
  2. Vote for my Tatooine shiness!!
  3. uhKamil

    @Ping role

    I both agree and disagree. Sometimes we've got so many important stuff to announce that people can't miss it!
  4. Water isn't wet. Water is just water that is oxidy-hygrogened [Hydrogen Oxide, H2O] Density is 1 tone per cubic meter.. What else I can say? Water just makes things wet. It's like experience of the water itsself. So if we make something wet, that thing becomes wet, not the water. Water is like the operator of this action
  5. I'd recommend ROBLOX to actually control all ROBLOX-related Discord servers. Discord links shouldn't be banned and all users in safe ROBLOX-related servers should feel safe and the server's owners together with it's administration should monitore other's users activity by checking if they break some rules related to Discord, server itself, inappropriate content and also ROBLOX ToS.
  6. @PhoenixSigns Well, the Merriam-Webster's Eleventh Collegiate Dictionary (2003) says that: Also, my word about DEVELOPERS. Everyone must start somewhere, at the beginning, everyone's a noob at everything, so don't complain, of course, we cannot pass all young developers that apply everyday for specific rank at Hidden Developers, but I can definely agree with @Arclis, child is 100% of our future. They'll be future developers and they'll take our place.
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