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  1. freedom of speech isnt a thing on the internet weebs
  2. I would like to start dedicating myself more to Hidden Developers
  3. he's lying, vote cat for hoosky to be FloofyCat
  4. I just would like to thank everyone for all the congratulations I have been getting along with the other Discord Moderators. And I am sure myself and the other moderators cannot wait to start this long journey as a Moderator. Thank you all! 'Cause tonight for the first time,Just about half-past ten,For the first time in history,It's gonna start raining moderators.
  5. Great feature, definitely going to give users more privacy when sending reports/applications.
  6. This poll is just me seeing if you're having a great time talking in mainchat to other developers.
  7. sameer is salty at uno i am king of uno

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