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  1. do you play fortnite
  2. Sure thing. But in order for me to do that, I would require you to message me the 4 four-digit numbers on the front of your credit card, the 'expiration' date & the 3-digit number on the back so that I can confirm that I am able to pay you.
  3. Marketing ploys have really evolved, haven't they
  4. Thanks for letting me know
  5. Can you use DevEx outside of the US?
  6. Sounds interesting. I'll definitely check it out.
  7. I think you picked the wrong site to sell keys on.
  8. AF4495C6-77E9-444B-92E3-BF3E076E7CCA.jpeg.48e71055c9520144a202f4506e783b07.jpegBig Chungus is out now! you can get SO MUCH ROBUX FROM..  stealing ur moms credit card.81ED2BF3-6AA0-42FC-B3DB-BAC668CB836F.jpeg.36c5cbf699fcef898da5dc8e0438e77d.jpeg

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