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  1. what's a webpage, something ducks walk on?
  2. technically any wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum can cause cancer but the chances are miniscule prior to ultraviolet
  3. Nobody likes being scammed. Here's some ways to prevent it: Section 1: Buyer Tips 1. DO NOT Pay Upfront This is a BIG mistake. Paying any% upfront puts you in a terrible position if your seller doesn't plan on selling anything. Instead, pay *after* you're 100% sure the product is finished. If your seller actually makes your product, chances are, they won't steal your money (They'd be wasting their own time!). 2. DO Ask for Updates It's a great idea to ask for updates time-to-time to make your your vendor is working. Not only does it ensure your time isn't being wasted, but it's proof that they're actually designing your product! Ask for a screenshot midway, and if they're unable to supply one, they may be trying to sell work they haven't made. 3. DO NOT Get Impatient Scammers like to take advantage of people's patience. If you become desperate, you may just make a mistake that ends it all (money-wise). Patience is key, remain vigilant of your vendor and make sure they're not up to no good. Otherwise, give them the . 4. DO Check Our Scammer Logs When hiring someone, the easiest way to roughly verify their integrity is to check our scammer logs. Use CTRL+F and type in their credentials (Roblox name or Discord ID). However, don't expect it to work 100% of the time (a lot of scammers are new or use alternate accounts). Always consider the other steps listed. Section 2: Seller Tips 1. Know The Code In the grand scheme of things, a transaction should occur as follows: Buyer places order (DO NOT PAY) -> Seller creates product -> Buyer pays seller -> Seller hands over product This is the most logical approach. Like I said, paying upfront is really bad. Don't do it. No currency is transferred until the seller creates the product, then at which it's too late to scam the buyer for their money (You've already created the product you dumbo!). If the buyer is the one not pulling their end, they don't receive the product until they do pay. If they cancel the transaction, you can always just sell off your premade creation to someone else. 2. Get a Middleman By far, the most secure way to perform a transaction is to have a trusted middleman. Don't know what a middleman is? Here's how it works: Buyer places order (no pay) -> Seller creates product -> Seller hands product to middleman -> Middleman verifies product -> Buyer pays seller -> Middleman hands over product A good example of trusted members are HD Staff: These individuals were handpicked for their maturity and trust. 3. Comply With Your Buyer After all, they're giving you their money... This can be very stressful on buyers. Acting suspicious in any way can and will lead to a lot of false accusations, and a possible scam report against you (At most 70% of HD scam reports are simple misunderstandings). For this reason, it's critical that you remain compliant and supply genuine, unedited documentation of your work-in-progress piece (watermarking is fine, however).
  4. Personally I prefer wired, they don't get lost like wireless ones do. Also Bluetooth has terrible handwidth so audio isn't as crisp as traditional analog
  5. With iOS, you're a user With Android, you're the administrator
  6. well, ah hm... depends on your definition of a smoothie
  7. as long as it isn't copyrighted, unnecessarily loud (like earrape) or doesn't have curse words you should be fine
  8. I like lemons. Lemon juice. It's nice and sour, really gets you up in the morning.
  9. No need, I've befrended the monsters
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