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      My username on mixer is now Go1_dyy, I was told your Roblox name should be your mixer name.

  1. Try making some chefs outfits or other workplace clothing. Some workplace clothing can be quite detailed and hard to make which will increase your skill but at the same time if you put them on sale everyone is looking for workplace clothing so you will earn a pretty penny while practising your skill.
  2. Its better than anything I can do! Keep up the hard work. It's an amazing graphic and i'm sure if you keep working at learning new skills and gaining experience you will become an amazing GFX Artist.
  3. I wouldn't personally learn PHP but if I was to learn it the place I would go to learn it is w3schools.com as it is a simple, free, idiot-proof guide to the language in English.
  4. What is better f3x or original roblox building tools?
  5. If Roblox sucks, why are you an admin in one of the biggest Roblox Community Servers?
  6. I like the animation but the layout on mobile doesn't look too good it's too spaced out. I don't know what it's like on PC.
  7. I pronounce Lua as loo - a. Also how I've heard a lot of other people say it @Kewtey
  8. I'm interested. Discord: Officially_MrDev#4465 Roblox: Officially_MrDev
  9. I have many words for this guy...none of which I'm allowed to say on this website
  10. nice. I love the design. Very modern and unique.
  11. i misunderstood and started thinking about something else at the same time @iiMeqaDev
  12. I recommend bracket.io . Its in beta but its got live view of what your doing and has loads of useful built in stuff. I personally think its better than adobe dreamweaver. It recognises atleast 50 different languages including lua.
  13. Neither, learn to code in HTML and CSS and make your own. Its not that easy.
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