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  1. I only play Undertale 3D Boss Battles and Flood Escape 2 so.
  2. Is there a both option? Because I like both. I think I will choose dog.
  3. Yup it is but I still like to use iOS.
  4. Yes, I have a nightlight but I don’t use it to keep the monsters away. I use them to light my room up when I was working all night scripting because I don’t want to open the light of the room or else I will get scolded by my sleeping parents.
  5. Tell me if I should continue making shirts for my group.
  6. Try making the invite code never expires?
  7. O.O WOW! Keep making those things, I like it!
  8. Just post a topic on Ban Appeal and you should be done. Maybe try logging in and out several times and see will the guidelines show.
  9. Congrats on being chosen as a group moderator for HD!
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