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  1. Try and provide more information about what you want exactly. I would recommend following this format - What you're looking for - Elaborate on what you're looking for - Prices - Any images that might help the builder understand what you want Providing these details can help the builders visualize what you want, and then decide if they want to join your project or not. For even more exposure, make a post in our hiring channels available here where it will get more exposure.
  2. Personally, I prefer gaming on a PC or laptop because I don't enjoy paying online fees for consoles (I think they are a rip-off) What do you think? Discuss below!
  3. This is correct, but also some people use alternate accounts to pull off mass scams, even if it doesn't cut down by a lot, it could cut the scam investigation work significantly because scammers who use alternate accounts would have to wait that two month period I'm sure they'd just wait it out but it could help with scams
  4. I do however own a Nintendo switch, but I don't use it anymore because of the online fees.
  5. I feel like they both have perks, but I don't tend to buy consoles because I think the fees are a scam. However, if I had to buy a console, I'd buy an Xbox because I trust Microsoft over Sony.
  6. That would be a pretty good idea actually. Another way, instead of limiting them from the server entirely would be to just limit them from creating hiring/selling posts if their accounts are under 2 months old. This could be easily be done with HiddenBot
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