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  1. ill take it i sent requests to both discs
  2. Looking for a skilled builder to make a hotel. Message me on discord to know the rest: Venanzio#7781 Pay: 1.5 k or higher depends on quality and quantity.
  3. Hello! I am looking for a skilled scripter to script anything from working trams to machines. Friend and message me on Discord: P33P#7781 Thanks!
  4. Imagine playing Roblox all day. You go to sleep and wake up in the morning finding a character that looks part human part Robloxian. Thats what Anthro is and I think it should not have been added. It is understandable for Roblox to try and reach out to new people and try to "break the horizon". But this is not the way to go. If you agree with me say something below!
  5. Hello! I am looking for someone to make a detailed London Victorian style bridge. I have textures that I can give to the creator. If you would like to take this job please contact me at: Spunge.irons#7781 I would like it to look similar to this:
  6. I am looking for someone to make a classical restaurant and for people to script and build some menu items for me please. I will pay 1000 robux or higher. We can also negotiate if you would like. My discord is Blox#4259
  7. @GlitcheyWisp How much for a few monsters?
  8. Hello! I am hiring a graphics artist to make a few military gfx's. Payment ranges from 50-100 rb per gfx Thank you
  9. I am interested, please tell me if you have someone.
  10. HEY! I am looking for someone to design some military uniforms for me. I will go into more detail if you would kindly contact me on discord at: Discord: Mr_Destiny#4259 For the armor creators I would like exo suits with basic military armor some different helmets ect... as i said I will go more into detail if you can contact me on discord. Pay is 300 for the clothing designer to make one set and pay for the armor creator is anywhere from 1k-3k depending on how many armor sets you do! IMPORTANT!: Please note that all of these things are based off of Call of duty advance
  11. Could you make me some GUI's?
  12. I am looking for people to fill different jobs. Yes there will be pay it is negotiable so you have freedom to choose. Builders priorities: Guns (Most will be theme on call of duty advanced warfare) Vehicles (SKY,WATER,EARTH) (Most will be theme on call of duty advanced warfare) Scripter Priorities: -To script vehicles and weapons or make their own and script them. - Other things may come up later. UI Designer Priorities: -Make and script a loading screen -Make and script an in-game shop (MODERN) -Other things may come up later. Paymen
  13. Selling cafes Any from 1k on. I will talk more about it just friend me on disc: Mr_Destiny#4259
  14. Looking for skilled builders to make weapons, ships, and vehicles. Discord: Mr_Destiny#4259 Payment: Negotiable
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