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  1. Task:To make custom music for a game. SCP Genre.Payment:50 - 500 RobuxDue date: No Due Date, just ASAP please, thank you.
  2. SkyChillo

    Animator for Hire

    How much do you charge?
  3. Hiring Developers for a big project. We will be making an Area in Stargate Command Style. The payment for the work shall be: up to 20% Revenue, a High Rank in SGC Group. Credits in game. Game is expected to earn a lot, and a lot shall be invested into Advertisement. -Builder [0/4] -Scripter [0/4] -GFX Artist [0/3] -Clothing Designer [0/2] -Project Coordinator [0/1] DM: The Phantom#0001
  4. ***Hiring a Development Team for a big project!*** The project consists of creating an underground facility. It will be a bunker styled facility which will be where survivors come when apocalypse begins. It will have an airlock or a border in order to enter the facility. As a member of the Dev team you will be put in credits and given 20% of all revenue. [Negotiable]. -Builder [0/3] -Scripter [0/2] -GFX Artist [0/2] -Clothing Artist [0/1] DM @The Phantom#0001
  5. Add me on Discord: The Phantom#1487
  6. Contact Information Discord - The Phantom#1487Selling: SCP Stuff such as: Sites Games Areas Facilities SCPs Scripts Models GFX Much MoreDM Me for Showcase or screenshots.Prices start from as little as 50 Robux and range up to as high as 40k Robux.
  7. Sure, thanks, Ill make sure to do that next time. Thanks a lot for advice though.
  8. Hello there, im SkyChillo. run a growing SCP Community, and would really want someone to Invest into it so we can hire developers and run ADs. In return you get: Access to all our Games 25% Revenue [Negotiable] Custom Roles on Discord and Roblox. Please contact me if you are willing to Invest, Thank You for reading this. Discord: The Phantom#1487
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